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  1. Hi i just tried Everything to reproduce the slow performance issue and maybe this would help I disable all the network, both wifi and cellular data. I get back to Evernote again and boom! It runs smooth as silk! I have got my lovely Evernote back✌? would this problem hang onto the network? I see the app "loading" all the time when I connect to my network, both wifi and cellular
  2. yes, same situation here. I would appreciate if you fix it ASAP, I love Evernote mobile version for 4 years until Nightmare version 8.... 10 seconds exactly!! who would wait for you to take simple telephone/ address for 10 seconds! when I can take photo within the note, I need to wait for 15 seconds....what a nonsense hopefully you are still the unicorn, with the passion to solve this problem for all us serious users (members or not)
  3. same here!! I am using iphone 6, performance is worse than yours.....how can it be?
  4. Same problem here, I am using iPhone 6 with 8.0.4 (iOS 10.2.1), I have a great and fast user experience until version 8 Especially when I try to take photo within my note, it takes almost 10 seconds to take one photo and then another 10 seconds for another. you can't press any button to pause/ abort it, simply wait..... I know my phone is almost 2 year old and not that responsive when opening the app, i can accept 3-5 seconds waiting time to start go into the app for working. I am not really satisfied with this experience.
  5. same here, nested tags is a must!! please help us with this!! really want this feather
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