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Unable to edit web clipping

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Hello all,

I'm running the latest Evernote for Mac and appear to have an issue editing web clippings. In the past, I could clip a page (I always use "simplified"), then go into the note and further delete things I didn't need/want. Now, it seems the note is somehow "locked." I can't edit it on the Mac or iOS. Further making this frustrating is that it doesn't happen with all web pages, even those hosted on the same site, like Medium. I've tried other clip options, but the problem persists. Any suggestions?

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23 hours ago, ljwaks@yahoo.com said:

I am having exactly the same difficulty. 


Hi that issue was 3 years ago,  and the package has updated several times since. What's your OS / browser / device? 

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No issue, just tested it: Mac with latest Catalina, Safari, WebClipper.

Clipped with the option "Simplified" in the WebClipper. The note was created, can be edited, saves, and the changes are permanent.

If I choose "reader view" in the web site and then try to clip, web clipper will not start. So there is only one way to clip simplified, inside of web clipper.

There may be web pages that do not transfer correctly, but this is more a question of bad web code than EN not allowing editing.

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