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emptied trash

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Hi.  How did you check on your notes?  If you looked online at Evernote.com,  then I'm afraid they're gone.  If you're looking at your account on a desktop,  you should check online.  If the account was cleared on the desktop but not synced with the web server,  you may still have your notes on the server.  You'd need to be logged out of Evernote,  delete your current (empty) database from the desktop,  and then log in - allowing Evernote to rebuild the database from the server.

If the server copy has been deleted you could check any desktop which had the app installed - don't let them connect to the internet and sync - if there's a copy of your database on a hard drive somewhere you may be able to save it.

Last possible chance would be - to look for any system backups you may have taken in the last few months.  A version of your database may be backed up there.

Lastly,  change your password!

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44 minutes ago, HUSH MODE said:

deleted all of my notes and empty the trash is there anyway I can get all my stuff back?

Which platform?

On Macs, we have one last failsafe after the Trash is emptied.  It's a folder called Purgatory (really)

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