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Login to Web notes fails, Chrome, Windows 10


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To be sure I go through my account login, all fine and good and when  I click "go to notes" another tab opens and all I see is a blank page.

Has anybody else had that experience in the past few days?  The Evernote Status page  http://status.evernote.com/   is not too helpful, still on 22nd ?

I tried Firefox as well, same results. I raised a support ticket but of course if anyone here knew the answer it'd be easier.


Hope you all got well over the weekend! 

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Well, after contacting EN support I did manage to get Chrome PC  web login working again, unfortunately either Chrome does not like Evernote any more or Evernote have once again 'tweaked' something which now brings up the fantastic error message that Chrome got to the end of available working RAM limit, which is utter nonsense. Chrome is set to comply with all recommendations.

I suspect Evernote did not manage their transfer to Google quite so perfectly, their status site is still showing status from 22 Dec. 

Web Clipper needs repeated login, never used to be. 

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