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Edited notes moving to another notebook

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I have a note in Notebook A.  I make an change to the note.  Later, I can't find the note where it should be (Notebook A), but instead, in a notebook called Inbox (where I have all my new notes go until I get a chance to organize them).  I am currently on Prerelease.  This seems to happen in the Windows or the Android platform.  Makes it very difficult when sharing a notebook with someone and they can't find the note because it's not where it should be.

Any help?

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Constantly having this same problem as of this week. Old notes that are from Notebook X suddenly appearing in Notebook Y, Notebook Z, etc. without my doing. Strangely, these notes that I haven't touched in years are appearing  at the top of my recently edited notes. There is most definitely a bug that is moving these notes for some reason. Maybe it's worth noting that the new notebook that these random notes appear in is my default notebook.

Are you still having this issue?

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