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Note with pdf attachment load bug

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12 hours ago, seppe_sai said:

Note with an attached pdf file don't load properly.

You might take a look at the Activity Log (Help > Activity Log) to get some more information as to whats happening

fwiw  Its not a general problem.  Most of my notes contain pdfs

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41 minutes ago, seppe_sai said:

I see some errors, but I don't know what to do :(


Sorry - I'm not seeing anything useful in the log

You might try retrieving the raw data and recreating the note
If there's some specific content in the note, you can search in the database folders and see the content and attachments for the note

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi @seppe_sai, thanks for reporting this. This is a known issue to our developers. The fix should be in an upcoming beta for version 6.11 of Evernote Mac. I don't have an ETA on when that will be released, but you can check the Product Feedback thread as it will be posted there as soon as it's released.

Mac Product Feedback

If you'd like to switch to the beta track, go to Evernote > Preferences > Software Update and check the box next to "Update to beta versions when available".

You'll then be notified in app when the beta version is released. Likewise, you can manually check for updates by going to Help > Check for Updates in the app or by checking for updates in our forum here.

Once you have updated, if you no longer want to continue on the beta track, go back and uncheck the box next to "Update to beta versions when available".


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