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Display MS documents (word/Excel/powerpoint) inline in note



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I managed to vote here by hitting the 'down' button rather than 'up' (???) - Generally agree it would be nice to see Office content in the same way that we see PDF pages (one at a time in Windows) but I assume that it's in a pipeline somewhere - parity between operating systems is being aimed for.  If it was an easy task it would probably have been done by now.

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On 1/12/2020 at 9:44 AM, Jimbobsq said:

Did anything ever happen for this in Windows?  I'm migrating from Mac and I really rely on this feature.  Thanks!

Hmmn.  Sorry,  it's still icons for everything except images and (optionally) PDF files.  I get around this where I need to by  attaching the original file to a note and adding either a copy/ paste of the content,  a PDF,  or a screenshot.

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