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  1. If it's any consolation, in-line viewing of MS powerpoint and word documents no longer work on Evernote V10 on macOS. Evernote is trying to make everything look the same on the web browser/windows/mac/iPad so any useful or powerful features are now all gone. V10 sucks!!!
  2. Just want to chime in. V10 suckssss! The breaking of the file:/// feature is very annoying. Attaching an alias on MacOS does not work. I wish I had been warned before upgrading to V10. There are also many other annoying things. V10 appears to be following the trend of dumbing down everything so that the interfaces are consistence between tablets, laptops/desktops, and phones. This cripples the power of a desktop/laptop and reduces productivity. I mean, I don't mind if the front-end interface is made simpler for beginnings so the learning curve is not as steep, but there needs to be options for more advanced users.
  3. I can? I can! I just discovered I can by right-clicking and then selecting "zoom-in" and "zoom-out". I'm on Evernote Version 7.2.3 on OSX. I didn't realize this functions the same as the "resizing in inline view" feature I was after since it's behavior is different to resizing inline images. Thanks!
  4. I would like the ability to resize inline PDFs as well, just as I'm able to resize inline jpg, png, etc. Thanks for the tip on creating a 2x1 cell. This cell trick I used back in the dark ages before the ability to resize embedded images. Hopefully inline PDFs will moved out of the dark ages like images do. PDFs are very useful for reducing the size when trying to store text.
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