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Restored note in TRASH, Where notebook did it restore to?

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51 minutes ago, klxdrt said:

Restored note in TRASH, Where notebook did it restore to?  I know what notebook it came from, chkd it wasnt there, Where did it go?

The answer has got to be a simple, easy to use solution.

It may be platform specific, but my expectation is the note is restored to the original Notebook from which it was deleted.

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You should specify which Evernote client you are using when asking questions. It will help improve the accuracy of your responses.

In the case of the Windows Evernote client, the note is restored to the notebook you deleted it from. If you examine a note in the trash, its note header (the panel above the note, where its title, notebook, and tags are shown, the notebook you should see was its original notebook.This also holds for the Notebook column if you are using a List View (Top or Side) for your note list style.

In the case of the Android client, the note will also be restored to its previous notebook, and the notebook shown for notes in the trash is the note's previous notebook.

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Thanks for the tip, Sorry, but EN changes at random with no real functional busn improvements. Most changes are for coolness, trendiness, programmers showing off there tech skills.  Also while I'm at it, EN does not meet W3C & Yale style manual stds for legibility & readability. 

Max @ EN has been very helpful, but several emails to him got lost or just disappeared when using your support page.  I don't suppose anyone is old enough to know of the best engineered car ever built... The YUGO.

Thanks again for the help, & have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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Evernote works for a large number of people. It works great for me, nearly every day of my life, at home and at work. It may not work for you.

Not sure what the Yugo has to do with Evernote; I never knew it to be the best engineered ~anything~, at least in the US. Inexpensive transportation, but not much more, not that there's anything wrong with that.

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