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Hi evernote team

I would strongly suggest the implementation of 'font size' in the toolbar when one write a note in the android app (the same way we already have on windows). How come you don't allow that by now?  In my view, this is a terrible flaw in the app since people may find it really hard to read whatever they write on the Android app.

Here to cooperate

Thiago Lima 

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On 7/29/2017 at 1:01 PM, Dave.Robinson16@Gmail.com said:
I have posted a new request to "Change text size for selected text in an individual note" to consolidate this and similar requests into one request.
PLEASE copy this request name, search for it in the Evernote Home Page, and vote for it by clicking the up arrow in front of the request. Maybe we can get the Evernote teams attention. 

Please do not make new feature requests for requests that you already know exist. It does not help anyone, it doesn't make Evernote move any faster in satisfying feature requests.

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35 minutes ago, Dave.Robinson16@Gmail.com said:

I just received this email from Shane at EN. 

Shane J. (Evernote Help and Learning)

Feb 21, 04:06 PST


There is no way to manually resize text at the moment. This is something I have suggested to the development team already however. I will make sure to pass along this ticket as feedback as well.




That's good to hear!

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This suggestion has already been made here (it's not even that far down the list, since it's been discussed recently):

Please go there and help vote it up (by clicking the up arrow at the top of the page). It's already got 18, which is pretty large for this forum, so hopefully another vote will help it get attention from the developers.

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