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  1. Well, after many years of activity on this forum topic and probably a multitude of frustrated EN users, it appears that this BUG has finally been fixed. I can only hope it will not be messed up again in future up[dates.
  2. It is an absolute waste of time to request changes and features on these discussion forum's. You can follow the time and effort that has been put into correcting a BUG in the Android version of Cut & Paste for several years. Follow The basic problem is "Android currently doesn't support different font size options because it is not on the same version of the Evernote editor as other platforms such as iOS or the desktop app. We are hoping to bring our users some editing improvements in 2018," Good luck ya'all.
  3. This is the response I received from EN on my ticket & my response back. I do like EN and hope I don't get so frustrated with this bug that it compels me to try something else. I guess this is about all we can do for now. If anyone has an idea on how to expedite their resolution to this bug please pass it along on this post. ==================================================== Thank you for your response. It is just about the same information that I received via Matt. Please note that this is not a feature request, but a BUG in your android system that affects EVE
  4. Dave-in-Decatur: I'm running 6.11.2 on my Win 10 PC & 7.17.1 on my S8 8.0. As of today, no change. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Mar 22, I submitted a REQUEST to fix this bug. It was given Ticket# 2431356 - Cut & Paste Text Formatting. A tech named Matt W. (probably the same Matt W. that responded several time above) responded and I sent him examples. He said that he had been able to reproduce the formatting error, and provided the fo
  5. TO: EVERNOTE DEVELOPMENT TEAM: If anyone on the Evernote development team actually reads these posts: PLEASE RESPOND to us on this bug. Contributors: If we can not get an official response, then we are just screaming into the wind. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get a response from EN?
  6. I have just 'discovered' the Feature Request Forum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-evernote-feature-requests/) and found out there is a similar request Copy format from selected text, paste format onto new selected text. Now I am scratching my head and asking what is THIS forum and what value is it? Should I paste all the Evernote responses in this forum to the Request Forum to show the information we have gotten?
  7. Just Voted. Not quite the same as TdeV but a good start. I believe his is Cut and Paste using the SAME format.
  8. I voted: I did not know about this site until today. There has been an ongoing request to be able to change the DEFAULT size for ALL notes and this was just recently incorporated. However my request for 5 years has been to allow a change in size and font on an individual note on Android Phone & Tablet without using the Simplify Formatting option that destroys most of the other formatting in the note.
  9. Well said Ned. I tried to switch to either Keep or OneNote but really didn't like them, However if EveNote cannot fix cannot fix this bug, it is irritating enough to force me to switch.
  10. Jefito: Thanks for your detailed response. Can you explain what an EverNote Shepard is?
  11. gazumped: No Problem! Any thoughts on how to more forcefully request this feature from EverNote? What about a scathing review on their Google Play site of their lack of formatting on Android devices. Maybe that would gt their attention. Do you know anything about the Twitter site : @Evernote in Austin.
  12. I forgot to add my name to response to Shane: And I wrote: Shane J.: One of the problems users have is the inability to "manually resize" text in a note on an Android tablet.------------ But I never heard back.
  13. I understand that you are a knowledgeable Evernote user. How can we get the Evernote development team to acknowledge that this request is still open and on the schedule for development. The last official response from Evernote was: I'm going to close this ticket ------------ And on 2/14: Shane J. (Evernote Help and Learning) Feb 13, 08:15 PST Hello, I've gathered all of the information you provided and reported this to the development team. They will take a look at this issue and try to determine where the app is having difficulty. We have had a few other r
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