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Web Clipper for Pale Moon browser (Firefox fork)



Dear Evernote developers,

I just started using Evernote, and I'm already kind of excited. I'm especially excited about the Web Clipper concept because I read many articles and have been looking for an efficient way to collect and organize them.

However, I'm also a Pale Moon user, and the Web Clipper does not work with this browser. Would you consider making a version for Pale Moon? It's a split from Mozilla's Firefox project, which basically retains the look and features of "old-school" Firefox. I'm not a developer but I'm thinking it might not be too much work since it's a fork of a browser you already support.

Thank you

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Oh okay. Well, I would like to respectfully mention that to me it seems slightly inappropriate to comment as if from their perspective, regarding "no such thing as 'not too much work'" and etc., if you're not actually on their team. But thanks for your input regardless.

Ironically you were somehow indirectly responsible for my solution (thanks!) because I gave it another shot and found the older version of the extension after checking your post. :)

Anyway, this is the product feedback forum, so I was hoping the developers would see it and at least consider sticking it somewhere at the bottom of their to-do list. I might not be able to operate on the outdated version of the Clipper forever.

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Hi.  With 200M users and constant updates across four main operating systems and dozens of device manufacturers,  Evernote are already maxed out keeping up.  There's no such thing as 'not too much work'.  If a significant number of Evernote users would find this useful,  then they might consider it - let's see how many Pale Moon users click the voting button at top left...  Meantime,  can you use Firefox add-ins?  What happens if you try to add Clipper?

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Nope - if you see my signature line it says " Working in Wales, UK with Windows 10 and Evernote / Android latest betas." - This is the user forum so you're getting a bunch of layabouts who also use Evernote commenting on your query.  Real Evernote employees do lean in from time to time but they usually prefer to concentrate on fixing bugs rather than talking about them...

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