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  1. I just selected and clipped some text in my browser. A note was generated in my Evernote for Windows desktop, but something odd happened: the body of the note has zero text, but I can see what I clipped in the thumbnail in List View (snippet or card). I tried the obvious: checked to see if somehow the text was the same color as the background, closed and opened Evernote, synched to my phone app (same issue there), but the problem persists. How would Evernote be sourcing the text information such that it would show in the thumbnail preview but not in the note, even across platforms? And how can I recover the note text in a usable form? I've attached a screen shot for clarity. Thanks...
  2. Ever since discovering Evernote years ago, it has become an all-pervasive part of my personal and professional computing life. During that time, a feature I have continually felt the lack of (like a missing tooth you can't stop probing at with your tongue) is the ability to pin notes to the top of notebooks. As a writer who dedicates a note for organization on each project, it is a no-brainer. I'm sure would have great value in other fields. I know there are workarounds (the Reminder feature, adding to Shortcuts) and that if every suggestion in this forum were pursued, Evernote would be aiming at replacing every creative, organizational, and communication tool we use (Hey! That's an idea!), but this is such an obviously valuable feature and one I can't help to believe would be relatively easy to implement, that I puzzle at Evernote's neglect to seriously address it. So, Evernote, take a look at the changing landscape: If I Google "Evernote pin a note to top of notebook", I get over 700K results, the overwhelming majority of which (as far as I browsed the pages of results) lead to forums discussing the feature. If I limit the results to the past month, the first page is filled with headlines like "5 Alternatives to Evernote", "9 Promising Replacements for Evernote" or links to MS OneNote. This may seem like a minor issue, Evernote, but please note (!) the competitors at your heels, smelling blood on the trail.
  3. I realize this is an old thread, but I'd like to add my vote for a more flexible pinning feature. As a writer, I use Evernote constantly (and I mean constantly!) in my work. I create dedicated notebooks for my larger pieces and commit one note in each to organization. While I can use the reminder feature or add the note to Shortcuts, pinning seems such a universally useful feature, I would think it would be given more consideration. I'll certainly include my vote in any discussions of its implementation. Surely it can't be that difficult to add to the Evernote feature set.
  4. Interesting that I tried to up vote this thread, but down-voting is the only option available!
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