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How to paste multiple lines text without bullets?

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When I paste multiple lines of text in a bullets context (see en1.png as attached pic), Evernote will automatically add bullets (see en2.png). However, this bothered me a lot especially when I paste a large piece of multi-lined text because what I want is like en3.png. I don't want any auto-added bullet points.

Is there a switch somewhere that I can turn off this boring feature? Thanks.

BTW, before upgrading Evernote to the newest version (303788) Public on Windows 7, I used a very old version: (194665) Public, which does not add the bullet points when I paste multiple lines. But the trouble for that old version is that it cannot search own notebooks and shared notebooks in one search at the same time.

Who knows which is the earliest version of Evernote for Windows allow search local own notebooks and shared notebooks together. I might try whether that old version is what I need.





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If you manually insert 2 blank lines before pasting, that turns off the formatting (this works for checkboxes as well).

Once you enable 'bullet points' formatting in the edit toolbar, it will stay on unless you turn it off. AFAIK that's the way the Evernote editor is supposed to work.

I can see why you might expect otherwise: in MS Word, when you paste in some copied text, the original formatting in the text you copied 'wins' when pasted. Evernote uses a different paradigm: the context into which the text is pasted wins.

From a usability point of view, maybe there's an argument for Evernote behaving like MS Word in order to confuse the minimum number of people. But I'm averse to MS products so I wouldn't support that :-) Sorry I can't be of more help.

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