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  1. Evernote version: (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193) The standard paradigm for Windows programs is that if you switch to another program the cursor should become invisible. The problem with the Evernote note editor is that if I'm editing a note, the cursor blanks as expected, but if I switch to a completely different program (in my case, the editor in PHP IDE) the cursor is still there, blinking as if it's still got focus. I can then end up doing CTRL&V to paste text into the note, because I think it has focus, but the text is pasted into the other app (in m
  2. Ah, thanks for the info! In that case, I'd definitely want to look at shared notebooks if splitting one account into 2.
  3. One catch here: AFAIK, if you export notes & then re-import them, shortcut links between notes get broken (I think this has been a known issue for some time).
  4. Just in case you have corrupted notes in your original account, there are some advanced features in Evernote accessible via CTRL&click on the 'Help' menu, including features like 'fix all notes', 'fill all resources' etc. I've never resorted to these but they look useful for checking the integrity of your notes prior to export. YMMV of course.
  5. I've just installed the newly-available release (305512) Public and the bug mentioned in the OP is now FIXED. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, FWIW. Recommend users do Help->Check for updates and install latest version :-)
  6. This sounds similar to an issue I raised with the Win 7 desktop client
  7. It's a shame that note links are lost in that situation. As a website developer, I'd like to think they were like relative URLs, and hence portable.
  8. Since I installed the Evernote Windows client 6.4 on my Windows 7 desktop PC, the note editor doesn't scroll properly when the note extends below the bottom of the screen. This is very annoying, as I frequently have multi-screen notes for my work. 1) End of page when page overflows screen, insert some blank lines by hitting 'return' key a few times, the new lines aren't visible (they're below the bottom of the screen); you have to manually scroll or use ctrl+end to get to the new insert point. This is totally unlike any text editor I've ever used, and not the usual paradigm. 2)
  9. Having anchors within notes is something I would find really useful. I often end up with long notes that need parts to be addressable. Adding artificial strings to search for is a bit crude - an HTML anchor, or equivalent is really what I need for this use case. Splitting up a long note into multiple notes would in many cases add other inconveniences that would more than cancel out the added convenience of note-level links. Please add this feature!
  10. I've resorted to using Skitch to take a screenshot of my code in my current code editor(s) (PhpStorm and Notepad++) and SQL tool (SQLyog) into my EN notes. But this of course means you can't copy/paste the actual code (although maybe the OCR function in EN Premium would read the code somehow???). To be fair, EN was designed as a general purpose tool and not a programmer's tool, but it would be great if this feature was available. As a programmer developing/supporting a large & complex PHP web dev framework I make heavy use of EN to keep track of my work and make notes how the code works
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