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  1. Evernote version: (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193) The standard paradigm for Windows programs is that if you switch to another program the cursor should become invisible. The problem with the Evernote note editor is that if I'm editing a note, the cursor blanks as expected, but if I switch to a completely different program (in my case, the editor in PHP IDE) the cursor is still there, blinking as if it's still got focus. I can then end up doing CTRL&V to paste text into the note, because I think it has focus, but the text is pasted into the other app (in my case, wrecking my PHP syntax). This is really annoying, and should be fixed. Please follow the normal paradigm for Windows programs :-) Thanks in anticipation Alan
  2. Ah, thanks for the info! In that case, I'd definitely want to look at shared notebooks if splitting one account into 2.
  3. Ah, so maybe notebook handling does become less efficient for larger numbers. Relative to the max number of notes (100, 000) I think it would be reasonable to have a number two orders of magnitude smaller for the max number of notebooks, i.e. 1000.
  4. One catch here: AFAIK, if you export notes & then re-import them, shortcut links between notes get broken (I think this has been a known issue for some time).
  5. Thanks for the values for the limits. I use notebooks, nested notebooks and tags (lots of tags). For some of my use cases (remember everybody's usage of Evernote is different) a single mouse click on a notebook name in the left panel gives me a useful set of notes to work with. Initiating a search by tag OTOH (or locating the tag out of hundreds & clicking on it) involves significantly more mouse/keyboard action(s). There's always a balance of course between tags & notebooks, but the limit of 250 does seem rather small in the context of the other figures above and i can't think of a valid database storage / efficiency reason for having such a low limit. I probably make things worse for myself by having both work-related and personal notes in a single account, so having separate accounts would allow > 250 folders each, but then there's the extra cost of another subscription, just to work around a low limit :-)
  6. I'd like to be able to have > 250 notebooks as well. I find it much easier to locate what I need this way, rather than just using tags. I don't know why there is a limit - presumably there's no practical limit on the number of notes (except storage space)?
  7. Just in case you have corrupted notes in your original account, there are some advanced features in Evernote accessible via CTRL&click on the 'Help' menu, including features like 'fix all notes', 'fill all resources' etc. I've never resorted to these but they look useful for checking the integrity of your notes prior to export. YMMV of course.
  8. I've just installed the newly-available release (305512) Public and the bug mentioned in the OP is now FIXED. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, FWIW. Recommend users do Help->Check for updates and install latest version :-)
  9. AFAIK Tahoma is the default Evernote font out-of-the-box. Calibri is a Microsoft font. It sounds like her Calibri font files have become corrupted somehow - maybe searching for help in a Microsoft forum will tell you how to reinstall the font.
  10. Sorry if this isn't the answer you wanted, but I don't think that using Evernote as a password manager is the best thing to do, because it probably wasn't engineered for that use case, and so may not be as secure/bulletproof as a dedicated password manager app. I realise it's tempting, because Evernote is such a nice program (I use it all the time - for work and personal use) :-) And yes, you need to quit the program with file->exit, which I find is now ingrained by habit (even when i don't need to). HTH a bit
  11. This sounds similar to an issue I raised with the Win 7 desktop client
  12. It's a shame that note links are lost in that situation. As a website developer, I'd like to think they were like relative URLs, and hence portable.
  13. I've mentioned this problem as well Seems like a UI bug
  14. If you manually insert 2 blank lines before pasting, that turns off the formatting (this works for checkboxes as well). Once you enable 'bullet points' formatting in the edit toolbar, it will stay on unless you turn it off. AFAIK that's the way the Evernote editor is supposed to work. I can see why you might expect otherwise: in MS Word, when you paste in some copied text, the original formatting in the text you copied 'wins' when pasted. Evernote uses a different paradigm: the context into which the text is pasted wins. From a usability point of view, maybe there's an argument for Evernote behaving like MS Word in order to confuse the minimum number of people. But I'm averse to MS products so I wouldn't support that :-) Sorry I can't be of more help.
  15. When you say "Even the Evernote Employees" I guess you mean that it's been hard to persuade Evernote to fix it!
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