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  1. Even others know the internal link URL, he/she still cannot access the note if he/she has no access privilege. So I don't think that will be a problem, especially when I move notes from one notebook to another. Tag is a solution but I get used to organizing related notes into a menu/summary page, which is much more flexible than just tagging the related notes because I can write down some comments on linked notes. So it seems that there is not a simple way to do a perfect migration without losing my EN internal links? Thanks.
  2. I do know the exporting & importing method, but the defects are: The "create time, update time info" of notes will be lost; The structure of notebook-stack will be lost; The worst, is the Evernote internal links (refers another note from one note) will be lost! Because of the huge work to re-construct the internal links among the notes, this work will be a nightmare! Is there a way to perfectly do the migration? Say I want to migrate data from account A to B. I tried to migrate like this: in account A, share notebooks with modify privilege with B. Then move notes to B's local notebooks. However, the moved note was not really moved; the fact is: the old note was moved to trash and a exact copy of that note was created in the dest notebook. So the trouble is: all internal links to the moved note would be broken! I think this is a bug of Evernote. Since I "moved" the note to new notebook, it should not delete and create a new one, which caused the note's GUID changed so old link does not work. Anyone can help is appreciated. Thanks. Also, if the Eevernote official team can fix the bug, or provide a perfect solution to migrate date, that will be great.
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