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  1. Even others know the internal link URL, he/she still cannot access the note if he/she has no access privilege. So I don't think that will be a problem, especially when I move notes from one notebook to another. Tag is a solution but I get used to organizing related notes into a menu/summary page, which is much more flexible than just tagging the related notes because I can write down some comments on linked notes. So it seems that there is not a simple way to do a perfect migration without losing my EN internal links? Thanks.
  2. I do know the exporting & importing method, but the defects are: The "create time, update time info" of notes will be lost; The structure of notebook-stack will be lost; The worst, is the Evernote internal links (refers another note from one note) will be lost! Because of the huge work to re-construct the internal links among the notes, this work will be a nightmare! Is there a way to perfectly do the migration? Say I want to migrate data from account A to B. I tried to migrate like this: in account A, share notebooks with modify privilege with B. Then move no
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