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Left panel dark theme

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Why would anyone want a theme for left side panel so different from the other parts of the application?

The thing i need is a possibility to set notes background, because most ot time i work with them, not with the side panel.

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Evernote called it a "default darker sidebar" which seems pretty much on the money.

True. Document a bug and now it is a feature!

Hopefully, Evernote will finish the job soon.

Are we sure I am not getting beta releases? It would make me feel a lot better about our product manager's judgement if so.

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12 hours ago, gkevernote said:

The tools->options lets you select 'left panel theme'=light (thankfully) in v Public.

Great, but the thing I was asking for is not how to bring the light theme back, I'm smart and skilled enough to find out that myself. I want to get rid of that pain in my eyes, the white background in notes. And I can't see why would anyone need separate theme selection for sidebar only. 

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Looks like the option I was going to ask for has been being asked for.   Dark theme for the whole program.  I work at night often and I use a Windows Tablet PC, an android tablet and a android phone.  On all of them battery life is a big issue and white screen uses more power than a dark one.  SO, another vote for a dark theme or color choice for background, it would be a great help for some of us.

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