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  1. I came across this thread while checking if my request for nested tag search would be a duplicate a couple of years ago and stuck in this holiwar. Actually I can't remember if I have submitted it then, because the forums structure is too complicated and is not obvious at all.
  2. The only problem with tag hierarchy, which made me subscribe to this topic, is that I don't have a search expression which whould find notes marked with parent tag or any nested tag automatically without need to specify all of them explicitly. Yes I can select it from left panel, but I can't save this search and so on.
  3. Exactly. If you don't share your notes, you don't need multiple notebooks. Notebooks allow to manage access, that's all.
  4. I wanted to avoid listing all three tags, because I have already specified that they are nested, and searching this way I will not be able to find notes having novel or any child or grand child tag and notification which is not complete.
  5. This workaround makes the list of notebooks or tags look a bit too crouded and messy for me, i whould need another search engine to search through it. I have tags 'Novel', 'David' and 'Sara' which are nested: Novel David Sara And in windows app I can click on 'Novel' tag and list all notes with nested tag. My question is how I can search through all notes related to the Novel, i.e. tagged with 'Novel', 'David' or 'Sara' without adding tag 'Novell' to all 'David' and 'Sara' tagged notes too.
  6. When I press Ctrl-F and type in search string and press Enter application highlights all entries and scrolls to the first one. But I can't start editing there using keyboard - if I press escape, the view jumps back to where cursor was before I have pressed Ctrl-F to start search. I only have to click the entry with my mouse to go there. I thought I could hack the system using Ctrl-G - no way. It would open search window again and jump back again when it's closed. Is there any reason for not moving cursor to found entry?
  7. Great, but the thing I was asking for is not how to bring the light theme back, I'm smart and skilled enough to find out that myself. I want to get rid of that pain in my eyes, the white background in notes. And I can't see why would anyone need separate theme selection for sidebar only.
  8. Why would anyone want a theme for left side panel so different from the other parts of the application? The thing i need is a possibility to set notes background, because most ot time i work with them, not with the side panel.
  9. Thanks, autocreating numbered and not numbered lists is great since I already have habit from MS products. But creating checkboxes is almost useless because I can't create them this way in russian keyboard layout, I would have to switch back and forward, so I would prefer a single keystroke Ctrl-Shift-C. And more than possibility to create checked checkbox I want possibility to check the checkbox by keyboard. Or is the proposed way - to replace uncheked checkbox with checked one? BTW when you create checked checkbox new line is added and cursor moved there, when you create unchecked checkbox the behaviour is diffierent. I don't think it was supposed to be that way.
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