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Red '!' overlay on synch icon - why?

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I just noticed this when I updated to the 'dark on the left version', I assume it's trying to tell me something - I resynchronised and it remains there.

If EN had a status line it could show a message or it could show a message in the tooltip

I can read in English and French, but I can't read Hieroglyphia. By the time I went to school they'd stopped teaching it and moved on to Latin and Greek. 


BTW I like the dark side bar, but why stop there, make the menu and toolbar similarly dark.  And allow users to set different colours for the index and content panels depending which one has keyboard focus - e.g. #ADD8E6 if panel has keyboard focus, otherwise #CCCCFF.  They should tone quite well with the midnight blue sidebar.


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Thanks Jeff & Ed

The ctrl/synch did the trick - one duplicate, and one 'tagged' as being in NB One when it was in fact in NB Two.

What I don't understand that both errors referred to notes in LOCAL notebooks - so why is Synch even looking at them, I could assume synch does an integrity check on all notebooks, or I could assume something more sinister.

I copied the msg re the colours to the other thread







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