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Cannot Open 102MB note on android

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Dear friends, 

I couldn't find the answer that's why I am taking it to the forums. I have uploaded a large PDF files on one of my notes and while using on windows is perfectly fine, I cannot access the note on android even though I have successfully sync. The error that I get is: "We are unable to load the note on this device. Please use Evernote on your computer to access it." 

Does anyone have a solution? 

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There've been a few comments about very large notes being difficult to load via mobile.  My guess would be that 100MB+ content is slow to download over a mobile connection normally,  and that Evernote has other processes going on alongside any possible download that mean such big files are impractical to view on a mobile device.  It may be that Evernote has some sort of default built in that drops the download attempt if it's not completed in a reasonable time.  Only way to get a direct answer (unless an employee weighs in here) is to contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter.

Meantime there are ways to shrink large PDF files to more manageable sizes - you could try a web search to locate software / sites that would help...


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Hi all, I shared a note of photos from my iphone 6 to a friend who has an android. She cannot seem to open the file. It says "Note Edit Error: Note content could not be downloaded at this time. Check your network connection and try again later." She has tried restarting the program, turning on/off data and wifi and opening it on her laptop and it is still not working. Has this happened to anyone else? Suggestions? Also, if anyone has a contact number to reach Evernote that would be greatly appreciated. 

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