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  1. I am uploading image of the issue. There is no saved search section on the android search screen.
  2. Hi gazumped. That is were I also usually get my saved search but recently it has disappeared, meaning there no saved search appears there anymore. I have reinstalled the app. Have removed all old saved search and remake but without results
  3. Saved search is displayed normally on Windows and iOs but is not displayed on Android. Because there are no values for saved search, I cannot create a widget that display saved searches. Does anyone know a solution?
  4. This this is a great idea! You have my support on that series!
  5. The new search is improved: 1. Fixed the endless search loading 2. Faster seach output. 3. Removed limitation of 200 notes. Thanks Evernote team! Keep the good work.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I have tried that but still not working. I deleted and went back to normal version from beta and it worked for like a day and then when the app updated, the search broke again.
  7. Hi everyone, I have been using Evernote for almost 9 years and recently I have encountered a problem that is disrupting my work process. Hope you guys can help: After the recent update, every search on android except for tags will not produce any results, instead the screen will constantly be at the green circle loading screen (attached photo). I have tried with clearing cache, clearing user data and even reinstalling the app but without results. I am experiencing that problem only on android, other platforms are working fine. My phone is BB Key2. Let me know if there is a fix for this. Thanks!
  8. Dear friends, I couldn't find the answer that's why I am taking it to the forums. I have uploaded a large PDF files on one of my notes and while using on windows is perfectly fine, I cannot access the note on android even though I have successfully sync. The error that I get is: "We are unable to load the note on this device. Please use Evernote on your computer to access it." Does anyone have a solution?
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