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Bug with List Scrollbar - it will not stay at the top

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I have reported this but I wanted to post it here as well in case others are seeing it and have more detailed info about how to reproduce.

Every once in a while I will drag the List scrollbar way to the top and it will not stay there to display the notes at the top of the list. Instead, it automatically moves somewhere down the list. I can reproduce the behaviour (see screenshot) but there may happen in other circumstances as well.


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2 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

I wonder if this is possibly related to this other report: 


Indeed, you are right. Thanks for pointing that out!  I did a search before posting and this one didn't come up.

Customer Service just asked for a video of the issue and as I was creating it I hit All Notes (where I was hitting "Notebooks" in my screenshot) and indeed, I get the same results. CS couldn't reproduce though. Hopefully the video will give them an idea.

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That is EXACTLY what is happening for me. It only happens when "all notebooks" are selected. Any single notebook or stack does not show this problem.

Apparently, Ctl>Home & Ctl>End will get to the first and last notes but my keyboard does not have these so I'm stuck with the problem...

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