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Hi.  There are archives of some previous versions here - http://www.apkmirror.com/uploads/?q=evernote but AFAICS they go back to V6 and Dec 2014 'only' - though losing the last couple of years bug fixes doesn't seem like a very good idea... 

If you can find a version you like,  it's simply a question of uninstalling your current app and downloading/ installing the replacement.  If you check in Settings,  see whether you can disable 'update automatically' or 'check for updates' otherwise the old version might get upgraded again pretty quickly.

But. You may find at any stage that the latest Evernote doesn't deal with such an old client very well,  and if you use the app to do more than just look at notes,  changes on the Android device may not be saved correctly.

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Thanks! I'll check those out. It was the Samsung Galaxy Apps app that got reactivated and updated a bunch of other apps actually, not Evernote itself I believe. I really only use Evernote to keep checklists on my phone, I don't use the syncing or sharing functions at all. I just don't like the interface in 7 and it seems to run slower. Thanks again!

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