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Feature Request: auto logout



It will be awesome to add feature to auto logout when app closed, some checkbox in options. Because i have 2 factor authentication, but when i open app when account always logged in. But i don't want each time when i turn off computer also logout from evernote, i think it must ask login each time when i open it after close.

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Not sure about what SergeyZP is looking for, but I would like to have a preference choice (checkbox) to log me out when the app is closed on my Mac.  This means when the application is closed (quit) by any means.  The result would be the next time I launch the EN app, it prompts me to authenticate.

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9 minutes ago, metric152 said:

This is a great idea. What's the point of having 2FA if you only enter the key once?

I would really like an option to log out on app close.

I use this feature on my iPad, but only because it has fingerprint authorization - I'd hate having to enter my password each time

I feel adequately protected by the auto-logout feature on my devices.  They turn off after n minutes of inactivity

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Hi.  Are you saying that each time you close the computer down,  you want the app to log you out?  Would this apply to sleep/ hibernation in a laptop?  When closing the lid to walk from one room to another?  Or only when shutting down via the OS or power button?

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