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ANSWERED How to deal with "Conflicting Changes"?

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In my Mac Evernote there is currently a section "Conflicting Changes" followed by a date.


The note in there is titled "Hibiki no Kai English & Computer Lesson September 20, 2015"


There is no menu or anything showing how I can view and resolve the conflict.


What is the recommended way of dealign with this?






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Hi.  That's presumably not a 'section' but a notebook - can you not open that note to view its contents?  You should have another note containing more or less the same text - have a search for a keyword or two to see what comes up.  There will be differences between the two.  Decide which version is the most recent and delete the other - or if there are changes on both notes that you wish to keep,  merge the two with copy and paste.  Delete what's not required (including the 'conflicting changes' notebook if you like).

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Hi y'all!


When you use Evernote on any device it must first sync to our server and then to all of your other devices. If you're editing the same note on two different devices (A & B ) and a full sync is not initiated (a sync from device A to the Evernote server and then to device B ) before you edit the note on device B, then a conflicting note will be created on your mobile device or a conflicting notebook will be created on your desktop application. The best way to avoid this is to sync device A after you edit a note and then to sync device B and confirm your changes have transferred to device B before making any edits in the note.

If you see a conflicting note or notebook, review the contents and if there are no changes that need to be made you can then go ahead and delete the conflicting note portion and/or the conflicting notebook. If you would like to save a particular version of the note, you can copy and paste this version into a new or existing note in your account.
I hope that helps!
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