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Filterize and "Template Links"

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Hi All,

First off, I have to say I'm really impressed with Filterize.net

I'm still only using the free trial but I'm really glad I learned about it and I'm strongly leaning towards purchasing the service. IMHO, it's pretty powerful and downright useful.

My question is about "template links". I know Filterize can add a template to a new note automatically and to do this one must provide a "template link".  Unfortunately, I don't know how to locate the "template link" from one of my saved templates. Does anyone know where in Evernote for Mac (Version 7.9) I can find these "template links"? I know how to apply a template to a note and save templates, I just don't know how to locate the actual links to these templates once they are created and saved. I'm probably missing something basic but I just can't figure it out. In case it is helpful, I've attached a screenshot of where in Filterize these links are needed. 

Finally, if the @Filterize team is listening, I'd like to suggest you create a demonstration video of the "parametization via note" capability. My sense is this is a powerful feature but without a concrete example, it is difficult for someone like me to take advantage of it. Just food for thought and keep up the good work! 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 4.09.11 PM.png

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Create a note using the template.  This is the note link you provide Filterize

Video at 


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Thank you for your quick reply. In my use case, however, the note has already been created and Filterize is going to apply an existing template to the existing note. At least that's my understanding of the "apply template" filter I'm constructing. Thus, Filterize is asking for a template link as opposed to a note link (because the note already exists).   

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1 hour ago, dlh2109 said:

Filterize is asking for a template link as opposed to a note link   

Store your templates as notes.   Filterize is asking for a note link

This process predates the Evernote  template feature.

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Just writing to update:

I was able to get things working with @DTLow's suggestion and by watching the video. Even though Filterize is asking for a "template link" they really mean a note link. By template, they simply mean an existing note to be used as a template. It has nothing to do with Evernote templates.  

Another helpful tidbit in the video is the inclusion of the {CONTENT} indicator in the body of the note. This indicator tells Filterize where to place existing note content as it applies a template to your existing note. Very neat.   

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