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  1. I have the same question. What improvements came with the upgrade (v10.1.7)? Given how rocky the v10 roll out has been, I think Evernote should do be doing everything humanly possible to highlight even small wins. They might stem some user frustration by being clear about how they're chipping away at known bugs and limitations. Transparency is important.
  2. I enjoyed the Keep Productive interview with Ian Small. As mentioned by @PinkElephant, the Evernote CEO said there will be "three really significant advances in the product." I'm curious what everyone thinks those "really significant advances" will be (or what they want them to be). According the interview, these advances will come "roughly at the speed of one per quarter."
  3. Folks interested in Roamresearch and Obsidian might also want to check out Tiddly Research.
  4. I don't know why you're talking about offline documents (Word, Excel). I'm suggesting public online resources, such as editable documents, be viewable and/or editable in Evernote. Another example would be YouTube videos. I'd like to have the choice of including a link to a YouTube video and/or embedding that video right into a note so that it can be played (in Evernote).
  5. This is precisely my point. I don't want it to cease anything. I want it to remain live and editable. I don't want to leave Evernote to edit my Google Doc. I see such integration as a natural extension of Evernote's philosophy of trying to help users like us organize our digital lives. I understand this isn't how Evernote currently works. I'm suggesting it as an alternative. One that I think many users would benefit from and appreciate. There's certainly no technical reason why this couldn't be achieved. It also gets around calls for Evernote to implement its own collaborative editing s
  6. I really hope Evernote can get to this state as soon as possible (on all platforms). Complete and reliable is fundamental and long, long overdue. In terms of collaborative editing, that is not a use case for me as I mainly use Evernote as an individual. That said, I would like to be able to embed a live Google Doc in a note so I can edit the document (in Evernote) and see changes made by others.
  7. I appreciate the transparency and progress highlighted in this video. But man oh man everything they're showing seems so..... basic. Much needed? Yes. But definitely foundational. It's hard to imagine how EN got in this situation to begin with. Anyway, glad they're making an honest go of it.
  8. Just adding my voice to this insane thread. As of August 2019, the issue of not being able to use Apple's Preview application to edit PDF files in notes still exists for the App Store version of Evernote. Personally, I've had this issue for a while (years?) and have been working around it. Guess I got fed-up today and found this thread. I was using Evernote Version 7.12 (457936 App Store) on macOS Mojave (10.14.3). Anyway, switching to Evernote Version 7.12 (457935 Direct) fixed the issue. Complete madness.
  9. Just writing to update: I was able to get things working with @DTLow's suggestion and by watching the video. Even though Filterize is asking for a "template link" they really mean a note link. By template, they simply mean an existing note to be used as a template. It has nothing to do with Evernote templates. Another helpful tidbit in the video is the inclusion of the {CONTENT} indicator in the body of the note. This indicator tells Filterize where to place existing note content as it applies a template to your existing note. Very neat.
  10. Thank you for your quick reply. In my use case, however, the note has already been created and Filterize is going to apply an existing template to the existing note. At least that's my understanding of the "apply template" filter I'm constructing. Thus, Filterize is asking for a template link as opposed to a note link (because the note already exists).
  11. Hi All, First off, I have to say I'm really impressed with Filterize.net I'm still only using the free trial but I'm really glad I learned about it and I'm strongly leaning towards purchasing the service. IMHO, it's pretty powerful and downright useful. My question is about "template links". I know Filterize can add a template to a new note automatically and to do this one must provide a "template link". Unfortunately, I don't know how to locate the "template link" from one of my saved templates. Does anyone know where in Evernote for Mac (Version 7.9) I can find these "template l
  12. Thanks for telling us about EverTool. I'll definitely check it out! Honestly, it's amazing this sort of functionality isn't baked into Evernote from the get go.
  13. I know exactly what you're talking about. Basic bulleting in the editor has been broken for years. It is infuriating. Out of spite, I've tested bullet editing in other tools (e.g., DEVONThink, Bear, Notion) and, to their credit, they almost always work as expected. I've been an Evernote customer for years and I'm not sure how much longer I can hang on. All the 'death spiral' chatter hasn't helped matters to say the least. Anyway, I hope they focus more on improving the core experience of the app/service.
  14. This just happened to me, too. Is there any way to get the note out of "business card" mode so I can edit it? What I scanned was not a business card and I can't seem to change the fact that came in this way. I've tried to delete the fields that are in the business card (e.g., phone number, name) but it seems they can't be removed. I'm hoping there's a away to convert the note to a non-business card format.
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