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Web Clipper Functionality

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Here we are in 2019 and the IOS web clipper still doesn’t support simplified clips. C’mon Evernote, web clipping is such a key part of using your product. When clipping in IOS, I almost always have to do it over again in Windows or spend time cleaning up the article.  Very frustrating.






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My experience is similar. I agree that EN should improve the WebClipper for iOS - especially because for me (as for many others) the iPad is my primary browsing platform.

There exists a workaround, or better 2 of them, that can be combined:

1) Switch the website to reader-view. 

This is not always an option, it depends on the website. But if it is, the clipping is much more focused on content.

2) Create a pdf from the website via the „Share“-„Print“-„Create pdf“-Workflow:

  • Hit share (Square with up arrow)
  • Select print - the print dialogue box will open, showing a preview
  • Put 2 fingers together right on the preview, and open them outwards => the preview opens to full screen, which shows a pdf that was created in this very moment. This works always with „print“, not only when trying to clip something to Evernote. One can feed other pdf-oriented Apps as well, like pdf Expert or GoodNotes.

Now hit share again, select Evernote, and the pdf is ready to be imported to EN, selecting notebook and tags

Hint: The pdf can be created from a standard website as well, using the „print“-option. Then it will contain clutter like ads etc. but it will still be better to handle than a directly clipped website with all the active elements, flowing layout etc.

The combination of both reader view + print to pdf will create the leanest results. These PDFs normally do not need any rework at all.

A negative aspect is there will always be a pdf attach to the note, instead of a direct view of the website. Not a big problem with a paid account, because there the PDFs are completely searchable.

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