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Visualize Your Evernote Notes and Identify the Main Topics and Gaps in Your Discourse

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share a very useful open-source tool with Evernote community.

It can visualize your Evernote notes (or any text, including RSS news feeds, YouTube videos, Google search results, Tweets, etc.)

You can then see the main topics on the graph and how they are connected.

You can also see the structural gaps in the graph and using the "Insight" feature identify how you could develop your research / discourse further.

You can try it online on www.infranodus.com or install it on your machine via github and let me know how it feels and what features you'd like to have! 


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Hi Noduslabs

Are you the developer of this S/W? If yes, how it is ensured that this system maintains the privacy of the user.

I am sorry for my ignorance.

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