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Evernote keeps logging me out

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Hello everybody,

despite checking regularly the "keep me logged in for 30 days" box, Evernote Web keeps logging me out after just a few hours I'm using it.   Evernote started to behave this way just a couple of days back.  Nothing has changed over this time with my Evernote account or Firefox setting -- I'm using Evernote Web on Firefox Quantum 61.0 release.

Could anybody suggesting a fix for that, or even a thread on this board giving advice on how to deal with this problem?




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Hi.  I think this has been done for security reasons - if you're logged into a web client for a long time there's a greater chance for someone to hack it,  and a possibility that you'll leave the screen open and someone walking by could look at the contents.  Evernote just hides back behind its password after a while.  I have the same experience,  but it's trivial to log back in using my password manager.

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Since it only started in the last few days, I wonder if it could be connected to the intermittent losses of service availability that have been causing sync issues on some platforms over that period. See the notifications for recent days at http://status.evernote.com/.

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