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Tag search partial match consistent with iOS


When adding tags to a note on Evernote for Mac, a list of matching tags populate a dropdown that narrow as you type. On the iOS app, all partial matches are shown, whereas on Mac and Web clients, the matching tags are only by start of text match. I would prefer partial match across all clients for consistency and easier tag adding.






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As a premium user for over 8 years and more than 20k notes, this is a really big deal. It used to be this way for the Mac OS also (and it still is when you filter by tag). A recent change has taken away this functionality in Mac OS when adding tags to notes.

Tags are a hugely helpful organizational and search tool, but one challenge to them is remembering what you called the tag before and not having multiple tags that are closely related. I used to have numerous tags that all meant essentially the same thing. So, when I was trying to find notes related to a particular topic, I couldn't remember all the different tags that I had used at one time or another. So I consolidated those tags. A trite example: instead of having one tag "games" and another "hobbies", I now have one tag called "hobbies and games". So, when I'm tagging a new note, I can type "game" and find and add any tag with game anywhere in the text. This is far more important on other topics which have 5, 10, or even more possible terms. 

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I agree, this is hugely important to organise tags on the macOS client. 

Evernote, please provide partial tag autocompletion to the macOS client, just as it works on iOS, webclipper, and web application. 

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