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Pick Up Where I Left Off


Hi All,

I tried several queries to see if this idea was already somewhere out there, but came up with nothing, so:

I would find it extremely helpful if I could tell Evernote to pick up where I left off in a note (i.e. when reopening a note, it would start at the place my cursor was last, rather than at the top - or give me the open to return to where I left off). Office has just started doing this and it's incredibly helpful, especially in longer notes where scrolling to find my place (not always the bottom) can be a frustrating enterprise. It's like rewinding a VHS - so last century.


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Yup. Same if in the note subject. I hate alt-tabbing somewhere to get info/spelling then alt-tabbing back to my note and the cursor is at the front of the note subject and not where I left off.

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