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  1. I get the same result simply printing a note from Evernote to the printer. I'm in Mac OS X 10.15.7. This has been a problem through several of the last updates, and it's pure frustration. I submitted this issue to support but never got a reply.
  2. My Web Clipper suddenly quit working. I uninstalled it and reinstalled the latest version from the Apple web site but to no avail. While it seems to work fine on many pages, on others clicking the clipper icon in the toolbar does absolutely nothing other than dim the button while clicked.
  3. A notification appeared across the top of my Mac app today asking me to update. I clicked the link and the App Store opened, showing me my Mac app was up to date! When I compared version numbers, I found that I had 6.61, not 6.71. I couldn't update there, so I went to the Evernote web site and downloaded the updated app there. When I launched again, I had the correct, updated version, but the app recognized an App Store version and had to copy all my notes to a new folder and then update them. Any clue as to why the App Store wasn't cooperating with the update?
  4. I'm having similar experience to Fearmore in that everything appears to be working perfectly until Evernote opens, syncs, then just sits there. The saved article, page, bookmark, etc. just never arrive.
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