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  1. This could be solved by tags, where the Waiting For tag could be applied to theses tasks that you are waiting a response.
  2. Hello, I'm a person that follows GTD and has been using Omnifocus and before it Todoist, so I know that I come from a very complicated place that Evernote is not trying to replace. With the addition of Tasks you are bringing context to those To-Dos and that it a good thing, but people will only have a task manager and so there is a need to evolve tasks more than just context of the action, you have to incorporate more that allows us to replace our current task managers. Flagged is like starred and it's a good thing. Projects (in GTD) can be the note that incorporates it. Tags is one of the missing things here and there are two ways to go about it: Show me the tags that the original note has, and I will change tags depending on the active action, but this does not help with different tasks that live on the same note. Or for tasks, there should be a new tag field, perhaps #home or !work that work on the line level. These tags should be autocomplete and be able to be filtered (even Microsoft To-Do has this). Indent - I'm a bit skeptical about this because I can see it should be obvious when looking at a note that I should be able to nest the task at least one level. But it would add complexity for something that I'm not sure is worth the trouble. Recurring - this is a must have to be able to replace current task managers. Templates - the current use of templates could be expanded to add templates for tasks (like routines daily). As it currently stands it cannot replace my task manager but I would love to be able to do so.
  3. You are truly not alone. I simply cannot touch the windows version, it's so slow to be completely unusable. To open it I have to wait minutes, switching between views takes forever and it's basically impossible.
  4. Sorry, but here in the forums you will see people that love notebooks and others that love tags, so that discussion is not something to enter. The main problem is there must be a system, if you allow me to stack, then show me stacks. If you allow multi-levels in tags, then you must show multi-level in tags.
  5. Hello, In evernote web there is a non intuitive behavior. In the clients, I can click on the notebook name and I can change the notebook of the note. In Firefox for windows 10, when I click the notebook it simply refreshes the page - this should not happen. For moving to a new notebook I need to go to the 3 dot menu, and select move note - an extra click. But also, the list that appears are all my notebooks without their stack, meaning a big confusion when i have 200 notebooks (I dont use tags). Also, the text is very hard to read in the note list because it is grey and the font is not very easy on the eyes. Check the last updated text on the screenshot.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that Evernote is now behaving with WebKit as Microsoft with Internet Explorer, that is, it works with us and nothing else. If you remember this, then most of us were enraged but we are going the same way.
  7. This had a very big impact on my side because all private note links on my task manager simply do not work on my Windows machine. Strange as it seems, starting on my Mac and Omnifocus and cliking a private link in the task manager, firefox opens a new blank tab and my Evernote Mac opens right away with the corresponding note. Starting on my Windows machine and Omnifocus (web) and clicking a private link in the task manager, firefox opens the web client in the all notes section with the first note on that list. It does not go to the corresponding note, nor Evernote for Windows opens. Considering that there is a lot of trust going in Evernote, because of the amount of my data that you have, anything that starts eroding that trust is a slippery slope.
  8. I have the exact same problems, links that previously went to the specific note when pasted in the browser (it opened the web view and then asked if I wanted to open in my desktop), now simply go to the top most note in the web version. Basically the links to specific notes stopped working in Firefox
  9. Is it just me, or in the new beta I can't create classic evernote links with the Option click - every note link now goes to safari.
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