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  1. Preferably in an undecorated window. No address bar etc. This was extremely useful feature that can be found in the old Web interface.
  2. This has been always bugging me. In situations like this, is disabling an extension enough to mitigate its effect on Firefox or is removal required?
  3. I change my plee then. From 'make a linux client' to 'donate a handsome ammount of money to NixNote project'. I'll be monitoring evernote's blog
  4. @jefito Ah, I see. Let's leave the cross-platform thing. I was simply trying to stir up some feathers I would also like to thank BurgersNFries for the NixNote tip. BTW, is there some sort of a reference table comparing Web based evernote vs desktop evernote vs NixNote?
  5. I was merged into it? Is it a word play or is it just me who see the topic as REQUEST: Evernote for Linux? Without native (not via Wine) version for linux it's hardly cross-platform. Also I'd consider rich web applications a sign of company keeping up with the trend. Ask Mozilla - - - One more thing - my opinion on desktop clients for cloud services. What's the point? What's the point of having a cloud=really_mobile service if you need, as I'd call it, a stationary (desktop) client. Are users really expected to run around and install client applications on every computer they use? Here'
  6. It seems this very topic has just became the official REQUEST: Evernote for Linux topic +1! It's worth mentioning that by developing multiplatform applications a software company demonstrates that its development process is modern and flexible
  7. Can someone please point me to the official linux client request topic?
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