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  1. 723 × 1032 of a simple product photo produced a 1MB note. PNG most probably. See: Untitled note I know you make money on space shortage but this is highly ineffective format for lossy graphics which is the usual thing juggled around in notes. Hell, I doubt a mere half of your customers know what a PNG is.
  2. What the title says. Even the primitive Web client shows that info in the info popup.
  3. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate current.xml CurrentReleaseNotes.html Evernote_5.7.2.5753.exe Evernote_5.8.1.6061.exe Evernote_5.8.3.6507.exe Evernote_5.8.4.6870.exe Evernote_5.8.5.7166.exe Evernote_5.8.6.7519.exe Evernote_5.8.8.7776.exe Almost 700 MB. Windows 7 x64
  4. After making a full backup of all of my notes I proceeded despite the app warning me explicitly it's going to remove <a specific number> of my notes. It didn't. The bug report is still valid though.
  5. The size at creation of a new note is 13, Tahoma. I don't know whether it's relevant but I use 125% global windows scaling.
  6. Tools > Options > Note says Tahoma 10 while the actual aditor drop-down menu says Tahoma 13 is used by default. Latest version of the app Windows 7 x64
  7. And the OP is my bug report. If any additional information is required, feel free to ask.
  8. I have revised the initial post and it should clear any doubts.
  9. Indeed. List views (two-panel file managers) are all about maximising information density and are thus an extremely useful tool for experienced knowledge workers with "real work" to accomplish. It's why we see information-dense UIs such as list views in nearly all serious productivity tools. Unfortunately for Evernote Web users, it appears Evernote is targeting its Web Beta at a different type of user, for whom a "clean" UI is the overriding requirement, with information density (and thus productivity) clearly not a priority. Evernote has had months and months of feedback that the Web Beta hinders the productivity of experienced Evernote users, but is sticking to its guns. The conclusion must be that the Evernote Beta is aimed at a different user base, likely to be new/novice Evernote users, not experienced knowledge workers for whom productivity is key. Unless Evernote changes course (of which there is currently no sign...) then it seems reasonable to conclude that these experienced knowledge worker types will have no choice but to begin looking elsewhere for their productivity tools. Sad, I know, but I don't see what the alternative is. I'm still using Evernote Web (the current non-beta version), but will probably be abandoning Evernote if/when this is deprecated and replaced with the Web Beta. Also, I've stopped evangelising about Evernote to friends/family until I see what path Evernote chooses. This is all very disappointing, but we have to deal with the hand we're dealt not the hand we'd choose ourselves. Hi! Personally, I'm after >various information visible at a glance< plus the accompanying ability of rapid: - sorting - data entry So to me it's not only about the number of notes visible at once.
  10. I get really poor scrolling performance of a note content when I use the scroll bar on the right. Additional notes: 1. MMB auto-scroll scrolls notes smoothly. 2. Confirmed on several different notes. Windows 7 x64 Confirmed on Radeon 6850 and GeForce 660 Ti with latest drivers (June/July)
  11. No, I didn't. Also, I don't use any 'privacy cleaners' nor have similar problems with other applications apart from Steam. I've verified the issue to be reproducible with the File > Exit method. This method gets the window state stored correctly but it doesn't last through system restart.
  12. The client always starts in a windowed state instead of maximized, even if it has been closed while maximized. I've tried re-setting windows customization parameters globally using MS FixIt. The operation succeeded but it didn't help with Evernote. The window size and position at startup are constant.
  13. +1 for making the suggested behavior default. Or even better, an available preference. I always start by the most importante piece of information which to me is tags.
  14. I can't speak for everyone but to me personally the whole point of the list view is not to eliminate images. It's to have additional information available at a glance. Tags, dates etc. Millions of people using two-panel file managers like Total Commander or Double Commander (or the 'Detailed' view in Windows Explorer) may indicate it's not a niche requirement.
  15. I sorted out all of the conflicting changes recently. The 'Conflicting Changes' notebook contained no notes at this point. I wanted to delete this obsolete notebook. But upon deletion I was informed 2 notes will be deleted permanently. This happened in the previous version and still happens in the current one.
  16. Preferably in an undecorated window. No address bar etc. This was extremely useful feature that can be found in the old Web interface.
  17. I have my scrolling set* so that one long action on the scroll wheel scrolls at least one web page. Here's what I get compared to other websites: * Firefox - my everyday config : 4 times less lines scrolled, dropped scroll commands Firefox - clean profile : 3 times less lines scrolled IE 11- clean profile : 2 times less lines scrolled A related issue is that the web client doesn't buffer the few notes below of the notes currently visible on the bottom. Win 7 x64 all browsers are at the latest stable releases
  18. This has been always bugging me. In situations like this, is disabling an extension enough to mitigate its effect on Firefox or is removal required?
  19. It's pretty much not a web client. It's a mobile web client. Explains everything and if Evernote team thinks advertising its dumbed-down design as 'nondistractive' (it really is) is going to relieve them of maintaining a non-mobile, feature-rich web app they are wrong.
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