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Set default format of date in note title

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I have found several IFTTT widgets that will do what I want to do: automatically create a new note each day for my daily journal entries. The title is always the date.

What I haven't figure out how to do is get the note title to show date only (not time of note creation). I am not overly particular about the format.

  • Jan 2, 2021
  • Jan 02, 2021
  • January 2, 2021 
  • Saturday, January 2. 2021
  • January 02, 2021 

Any of these would be acceptable.  

[I have also found ways to create notes with date in the title shown as something like: "210102" and variations on this style formatting. They are useful for performing chronological sorts and searches, but are nerdishly unhelpful if you are trying to create a journal/diary that captures history in a format that actual humans can relate to.]

The IFTTT widgets I have been able to find or cobble together can perform the task, of creating the note but the TITLE of the note created always includes the time trigger as well::

January 02, 2021 at 5:15 AM

It's not s huge deal to go in and manually delete the time indicated, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of creating an automation. 

Can anyone help?


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