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  1. I can confirm this with my own install of the latest beta. I worked on several notes for a mailing list and found constant sync errors while I was writing. The moment I stopped writing, the syncing stops. I have my preferences set to Manual Sync. After a restart of Evernote with this new preference, the syncing still occur, but only when I am writing in a note. This is not expected behavior when the preference is Manual Sync. Also, downgrading to an early version is not possible as well, same as @AndyDent writes. Going back to the latest stable release gives me the exact same popup, but written in Dutch Thanks Frank
  2. I helped a client out the other day to switch from Personal to Business. The onboarding to get his account to Business was no problem, also updating the Windows version to the Business version went smooth. After we worked through the Business console and the Business view I explained how he could transfer personal notebooks to business notebooks with just one right click. We started with a notebook and ofcourse, this went as expected, the whole notebook was transferred to a business notebook. But there was one caveat... He uses an extensive taggingstructure with nested tags and after the conversion, we saw the following The nested tags that are used in the given notebook were unnested and became a top level tagTags with the same name as the "business" tags are still nested since they are also used in other personal notebooks (not yet converted)Business tags are extended with the text "(businessname)"So this was quite a surprise, to see the whole nested structure fall apart and no way to get this back except manual dragging and dropping. Can somebody explain why this happens and if there is a fallback scenario to keep these tags in the nested structure when someone switches to Business after using Evernote Premium with several teammembers and already built a way of working? Has anyone experienced a situation like this and has a good solution? Thanks Frank Meeuwsen
  3. I am preparing a workshop for a client and I just found out that I can't make any recommended notebooks in the Business Console. I use my own Evernote Business account to prepare and make screenshots, but I can't seem to find any option to make a notebook in the Business Library a recommended notebook. Can anyone help me out here? Is it still there? If so, where? Is it gone? If so, why?
  4. By coincedence I started working on a project in Slack and one in Work Chat. I have to be honest, Slack is killing it. Work Chat is too cumbersome to work with. Especially when working with text-edits, an article in progress, banners, video. To first find some way of giving comments on notes and documents and then trying to find the right notes at the right time. It is strange you can't add a Work Chat note to a notebook or tag-collection. That way I have to constantly think in a meeting: Is it in workchat or in my notebooks? In Slack, chat and collaboration feels more natural and straightforward. It misses the robust document/filing system from Evernote but somehow, it just works more naturally. The search in chat and the way channels, private groups and integrations with third parties work is just great. What happened today: When I was on the road I got two notifications on my iPhone. One from Work Chat and one from Slack. The Slack notification gave me a followup which was just there in the Slack app, like you expect. But with Work Chat, the notifcation opened the iOS app and it first had to synchronize before it would show up. But it didn't. Maybe it was a bad network, but I couldn't get the Work Chat messages until I got home. Ofcourse, this may be a technical issue beyond Evernote's control, I understand. But from an average consumer/businessworker standpoint, this breaks trust in the notification and the way Evernote works. That's bad. I'd love to see a next iteration of Work Chat or at least a better collaboration between Slack and Evernote, other that the possibilities from Zapier.com and IFTTT.com. Or maybe Evernote should make decisions in focus for their own products...
  5. I'm having a discussion on some notes with an outside contractor through Work Chat. I want to add a coworker to the ongoing conversation so he also has access to the conversation and the already shared notes. I have no way to add a new person to the chat. The contractor started the chat but also has no "add person" or "+1" button to add someone else. We ended up starting a new work chat with the three of us, re-sharing the already shared notes and effectively loosing all prior communication from the previous chat. Is there a better way for this in Work Chat? Frank
  6. After updating to the beta 2, my Workchat stopped working properly. When I want to share a note through workchat, my Mac starts gearing up CPU cycles and Evernote stops responding. After a couple of minutes the Work chat window pops up but I can't type a name or mailadress since Evernote stops responding again. Is there any way to go back to a stable version of Evernote out of this beta?
  7. First of all, thanks for this release. I really looked forward to it and I'm glad it's here finally. Workchat does what it's supposed to do at a first test. You will get updates in the chat when you sync the client, so it's not pushed from client to client. But other than that, great first version of Work Chat! Presentation mode; love it! I tested it with just a few notes, but the suggestions for dividers are great and spot on. I look forward to using this "in the wild". Is it correct you no longer can present multiple notes at once? Or all notes from a notebook? Context: Since I am from the Netherlands, the current sources are not of use for some of my specific situations. Testing this with some default text in a note on some big companies, I got some good results. Is it correct the citation-feature we saw at EC4 is still missing? So a promising update on Evernote and a glimpse of what is ahead in creating a new workplace. Kudos to the team. Frank
  8. It looks like we have an issue with some email addresses in the contacts app. We link to the contacts app for the Email Note and Work Chat features. It's a key part of both these 2 features. For now, go to System Preferences/Security and Privacy/Contacts and uncheck Evernote. This will disable the link to your contacts. Then try to relaunch Evernote. If your particular issue is related to the email address then this should solve your problem. Our next update will have a fix for this so you can turn Contacts back on so you can use both Email Notes and Work Chat. Just to report that this indeed did the trick for me. I had the same problem. While switching between accounts (my personal account and a demo account) I noticed the crash. unchecking contacts in the sysprefs gets it all to work again.
  9. It looks as if public notebooks are still available through the API. Can anyone with some development knowledge confirm this with an example? Perhaps it's pretty easy to build a temporary solution around the API? Oh and on a lighter note...this tweet from Phil may have given something away....
  10. I can say I have the exact same problem with notetitles getting selected and overwritten. But It is a very erratic behaviour and not really connected with anything mentioned here (empty notebook, create note with tags etc). There is no way to see why and when this is happening. But it happens. And it's disturbing when I'm in a flow of working.
  11. We use Evernote Business for a few projects and we run into this exact issue. It's a bit clunky to have a discussion in the note itself. I would rather see something like comments on notes as a premium or business function. There are 3rd party apps like Basecamp, Asana and Slack that offer this kind of discussion, but lack a good integration of Evernote Business. Right now we use Google+ to discuss and collaborate on projects and use Business to share files and ideas. Not the best way of working....
  12. Does anyone know what the limits on the RSS feeds from public notebooks are? Is it based on Kb size per article? Number of characters? Number of words? Any other limit? I try to find any pattern in the feed of a public notebook but can't see it. I don't want to get in the discussion of full-content feeds :-) I just want to know what the current limits are! Thanks, Frank
  13. OK, I just ran some tests with different user accounts. When I give someone access to a shared notebook with the permission "View notes", than that account will not get a notification in the Activity Stream when there are new notes. So I need to give him permission "View Notes and Activity Stream" to make sure they will get a notification when there is a new note in the shared notebook. But this causes the problem that anyone in the shared notebook (over 1500 as of today) can see all email adresses flying by in the Activity stream. A potential privacy breach if you ask me. So for the sake of privacy of our users and giving up on a better userexperience in Evernote, I would like to see some way of batch-changing the permissions from the shared notebook. Can this be done by the API? Is there anyone able to help me with this? Thanks Frank
  14. As in: There is no solution right now but we might work on this in future versions?
  15. We use a shared notebook to give buyers of our e-book access to extra content, tips etc. I've added 1000+ emailadresses to the shared notebook invitescreen and set the permissions to View Notes and activity. Because I figured, once we add new content to the shared notebook, they will get a message in the activitystream, extra service! But! Everytime someone adds the shared notebook to their Evernote account, it gives a message in the stream. So right now, every buyer of our book who has access to the shared notebook, sees every other name and email from other users flashing by in the activitystream. But on top of that, it renders the stream worthless since so many people add the notebook to their Evernote and any other activity gets buried in non-important messages. So is there any way to 1. Add new members to shared notebook, have them view mentions in the stream about new notes but NOT about new users? 2. Change the permission of 1000+ existing members to the above. Seeing new content in the stream but not any mentions about new users? I hope it does. If not, please Evernote, make the choices clear to the end-user. Thank you Frank Meeuwsen Lifehacking.nl
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