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  1. I can confirm this with my own install of the latest beta. I worked on several notes for a mailing list and found constant sync errors while I was writing. The moment I stopped writing, the syncing stops. I have my preferences set to Manual Sync. After a restart of Evernote with this new preference, the syncing still occur, but only when I am writing in a note. This is not expected behavior when the preference is Manual Sync. Also, downgrading to an early version is not possible as well, same as @AndyDent writes. Going back to the latest stable release gives me the exact same popup, but
  2. By coincedence I started working on a project in Slack and one in Work Chat. I have to be honest, Slack is killing it. Work Chat is too cumbersome to work with. Especially when working with text-edits, an article in progress, banners, video. To first find some way of giving comments on notes and documents and then trying to find the right notes at the right time. It is strange you can't add a Work Chat note to a notebook or tag-collection. That way I have to constantly think in a meeting: Is it in workchat or in my notebooks? In Slack, chat and collaboration feels more natural and straightforw
  3. I'm having a discussion on some notes with an outside contractor through Work Chat. I want to add a coworker to the ongoing conversation so he also has access to the conversation and the already shared notes. I have no way to add a new person to the chat. The contractor started the chat but also has no "add person" or "+1" button to add someone else. We ended up starting a new work chat with the three of us, re-sharing the already shared notes and effectively loosing all prior communication from the previous chat. Is there a better way for this in Work Chat? Frank
  4. It looks as if public notebooks are still available through the API. Can anyone with some development knowledge confirm this with an example? Perhaps it's pretty easy to build a temporary solution around the API? Oh and on a lighter note...this tweet from Phil may have given something away....
  5. We use Evernote Business for a few projects and we run into this exact issue. It's a bit clunky to have a discussion in the note itself. I would rather see something like comments on notes as a premium or business function. There are 3rd party apps like Basecamp, Asana and Slack that offer this kind of discussion, but lack a good integration of Evernote Business. Right now we use Google+ to discuss and collaborate on projects and use Business to share files and ideas. Not the best way of working....
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