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  1. Workaround for me now is using the Windows Menu key to open up the Right Click menu and then hit O. Not as quick as double click to open but if you use it a lot you get used to it.
  2. The one click open feature gone is a biggy for me. Any news when that will be added?
  3. Can Evernote please indicate when setting the location in a note is going to be implemented on Windows 10? For those waiting on the same issue: my workaround is to create a bunch of empty notes in my iPhone and then work on then on my laptop. Best, Fokke
  4. I have tried EverMail but for me it is not working. It gives an error window. Can you tell me a little more about how emails are ending up in Evernote? Original formatting, link to original message and handling of html emails and emails with attachments?
  5. Hi! Workchat isn't picking my profile picture both on my end and the other end. It only shows a gray icon. Profile picture has been setup correctly in my account. Fokke
  6. For the moment creating a empty Penultimate note that sits in your inbox all the time is the best way to preserve your inbox workflow. If you put a Z as the first character of the name of that empty note is always is at the bottom of your inbox so it messes little with the rest whats in the inbox at any given moment.
  7. Because of this thread I also bought Clever HD. First impression is rather disappointing for me. I have frequent crashes. With 2 minutes three of which one made my iPad reboot. So I won't be using it and wait for more stable versions. Anyone else experiencing these kind of crashes with Clever? Update 23/02/2013 It turns out the crashes are related to a specific sequence of actions. If I avoid this sequence no problem at all. Am using it more and more now.
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