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  1. That would be an excellent addition! You can right-click in the note and Screen Shot is in there but a button would be faster. Plus would be visible to users that didn't know you could right click and select it. I actually didn't know it was there until I was searching hard for an alternative to ClarifyIT. I actually think Evernote could make a product just like it and probably better because it could save into Evernote. They have Skitch for Mac already which is close. Just need the formatting which Evernote is close to having. I see it as another product they could introduce using much of the code they already have.
  2. I would like to start a new note but have the cursor in the Tags field. I use TextExpander to fill in tags, heading, and start a note. I know I'm probably not normal in this but if it was a preference then everyone could have their needs met.
  3. Would like to have a page break in a note. ClarifyIT stopped development of their personal software. I think Evernote could be used similarly to that but need page breaks. I make instructions with notes and screen shots. Then make a PDF but need to be able to put steps so they are on the same page. I can monkey around and put extra blank lines but I would imagine a page break wouldn't be too hard to code in. (being said by someone who doesn't know how to code...)
  4. I've used Clarify-it.com to create a simple step by step instructions. They have discontinued it. They say it will continue to run but what happens when I get a new computer and have to activate it online. I think Evernote is positioned to take over their customer base. You have all the tools to do what that program did. You have a Screen Shot tool with editing and document creation. You can use it now to replicate the process but it isn't as seamless as Clarify was/is. Few things to improve the workflow. Customize buttons in the interface for taking a screenshot to make it faster. Have timed screenshots like Skitch does now. Page break in Evernote so when printing the pages can print out how we want. The above would be great. Next level would be in Evernote press the new screenshot button, take the screenshot, have it open in Skitch to edit, then close/save the file and it goes into the note. Or start a new Evernote note, have a button in there to start Skitch, take the screenshot, when done editing it, the image is saved in the note you started with. You could probably just duplicate what Clarify was doing in your own standalone app. I would prefer to have this functionality in Evernote. Especially the timed screenshot. Currently, I jump out to Skitch do the screenshots and drag it in. I've often wondered why that functionality isn't a simpler process. I do know I can take a screenshot in the note I'm working on and then do an annotate. Which is what I'll start doing once Clarify stops working. If you google this area of functionality there are a lot of companies charging a hefty fee.
  5. Before Evernote Version 6 I was able to enter two Horizontal Line's right close together. In Version 6 it doesn't do that anymore, well, from what I can find. I found that very handy to seperate different pieces of information on the same note. I would love to have this feature back or something like that. See the attache file for an example. This note was made in Version 5. Anyone have an idea? Thank you, Andy
  6. Something I'd like to see added to the requested template feature. In addition to just fields like a job number, customer, due date, and so on I'd like to see variables. I want the title to be made up of the fields I'll already be typing in. As the above fields are filled out the title of the note would read "2012/03/01 - 12345 - abc customer." I use a backup program called SyncbackSE, www.2brightsparks.com. They have many variables. I use their %date% and %time% variables a lot. I have the program email me a log file after it runs, in the subject and the log file name i call it %date% - %time% - Customer name. The output looks like "04-15-12 - 1:54PM - lightnin93." How I see this working in Evernote. When building a template you note title to be: "%due date% - %job number% - %customer name%." If the variable isn't in the built in list it then search inside the note for a match. Since %job number% won't be a built in variable it will pull it from the Job Number field inside the template. The details are typed once, note titles are consistant, and customizable.
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