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  1. Still using the Legacy version just because of the Tabs. I could live with the rest as far as I can tell. Reason for tabs simply stated is for focus. You can have a notebook open in one and jump back and forth between. I'll have multiple notes in a notebook I need to go back and forth on and another notebook open in a different tab. Even if we could have multiple Evernote Windows would help a little. Please make this a priority. If the legacy version goes away I don't know if I can continue. This is a core feature and I may end up looking for something else. I've been using Evernote since 2008 and have been paying for many of those years.
  2. Another bump for this. Nice to see the recent update putting it back where it used to be. The way it currently works seems like it should be part of the search function. Then make the filter inside the Notebook to only show the items relevant to that specific notebook.
  3. I installed the Legacy version and feel a lot more at home. Tabs are back and I feel like I can get back to being productive.
  4. For the most part the new version is nice. But no Tabs is forcing me to go back to the Legacy version. Thanks to all that posted that link. If we could open more than one instance of Evernote it would help but Tabs is where it's at. Imagine browsing the internet without tabs. I paid for Opera web browser back in the day because it was the only one with tabs at the time.
  5. +1 for the drop down notebook switching. Also +1 bring Tabs back. That could help this situation as well.
  6. You're right. The list of tags would get smaller as you drilled down to filter out what you wanted. I used it a lot. I have more tags than I can keep track off. Some notebooks I would use them like a characteristic on the note. Like a recipe notebook. I could pick the chicken tag, then it would list only the tags in those notes. I could quickly drill down to find the right chicken recipe I wanted.
  7. I use tags for notes I'm working on. In the past when I would click on the tags it would display all that are found in the notebook. When I try that now it just shows me all the tags that exist. Not the ones that were being used. So far the new version looks really nice and most things I like! Keep up the good work. Thank you, Andy Johnson User since 2008 and paid member for many of those years!
  8. Please move the tags above the note title box or make it so if you are in Tags when you press TAB it goes to the note title. I use Text Expander and have an abbreviation that puts in tags then tabs and puts in the Note Title and then spits out some info inside the note. Which is broken now. Please and thank you, Andy Johnson User/Member/lover of Evernote since 2008
  9. +1 for tabs. I would have different information on different tabs. Different searches or topics on each tab. Could use a separate window probably but then it takes more time switching between windows.
  10. I would like to start a new note but have the cursor in the Tags field. I use TextExpander to fill in tags, heading, and start a note. I know I'm probably not normal in this but if it was a preference then everyone could have their needs met.
  11. Would like to have a page break in a note. ClarifyIT stopped development of their personal software. I think Evernote could be used similarly to that but need page breaks. I make instructions with notes and screen shots. Then make a PDF but need to be able to put steps so they are on the same page. I can monkey around and put extra blank lines but I would imagine a page break wouldn't be too hard to code in. (being said by someone who doesn't know how to code...)
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