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  1. I think I had this issue (a tag search showing nowhere near all the notes with that tag) a few months ago, but I haven't noticed it lately. Have you updated to the latest iOS versions?
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply PinkElephant: thanks for the suggestions there. I'll be trying those out with my next scanning project.
  3. When I scan documents within Evernote, sometimes the scans come back as JPG, sometimes as PNG. I much prefer JPG because when I crop the scans in Evernote (or in Preview), weird things happen to PNG - I'll crop an image in half, for example, and yet the file size will double. So is there a way to set Evernote to scan and make only JPG files, not PNG files? Thanks!
  4. Idle curiosity: what time zone are you in? For me the bug is currently around 8:20am Taiwan time, so that's, let's see (looking at app): 8:20pm New York time, 5:20pm Pacific time. Evernote support: doesn't the post up above about "This is a known BUG" indicate it's already been filed?
  5. The quitting has shifted for me. It was around 7:35am (Taiwan time), every morning. If I hit "OK" when it appeared, it'd reappear a bunch of times. But in the past couple of days the time has changed - now it's around 8:20am every day. So ... I dunno. No idea if it means anything, but it's weird.
  6. True, but it's sort of a different issue from the one in that thread. The "wants to use your confidential information" problem has apparently been fixed with 7.1.1 (or at least it hasn't come back for me). The "EvernoteSpotlight quit unexpectedly" problem has definitely not been fixed.
  7. I'm getting this a lot too. It seems to be usually happening in the morning, 7:30am or so Taiwan time. If I'm on the computer at that time it happens again and again, eventually stopping after 5-10 times, with maybe a few seconds between quits. If I'm not on the computer at that time I see the alert when I start using the computer later in the day, and it doesn't seem to recur. I'm in 7.1.1; this happens whether or not Evernote itself is actually open. This has also come up towards the end of the "Evernote Spotlight wants to use your confidential information" thread:
  8. I'm getting "Evernote Spotlight quit unexpectedly" - it appeared four or five times this morning, one after another. Evernote wasn't open. I've now opened Evernote, and the alert hasn't yet come up again. Over the past few days, I've been getting "Evernote Spotlight quit unexpectedly" pretty much every morning. 7.1.1 was installed a few days ago, and since that was installed I haven't had the "use your confidential information" alert. I'm not entirely sure if that should be a new thread, or if I should tag on at the end of this one.
  9. This isn't quite the same issue, but another problem I've recently noticed with "tabs" is that they seem to disappear if I make other edits to the note. I had a long note, mostly text, with paragraph indents (just indented with a tab key, which I know in Evernote is just a few spaces). I opened an attached picture in Preview to compress it, and did so - and in the note, all of the tabs disappeared. Which, alas, makes the note a lot less readable than it was. What had been a dozen or so paragraphs became a big block of text. I suppose the "fix" is to go back to separate all paragraphs with blank lines rather than indents, but ... that's not what I like doing. I'm writing notes, not a website.
  10. I just noticed this change as well - previously, I believe a duplicated note had a new "Created" date, whereas now it has the same created date as the original. I see the logic for both approaches, but the fact that the approach has changed is certainly annoying, because it's messed up the way I used to do things. For now, I'm copying the note into the same notebook. That gives me a new Created date.
  11. Oops, sorry about the delay - I need to change my alerts so I see that people have replied ... Here are two screenshots from my iPad. One was a search for green bell peppers, no quotation marks; the other was a search for “green bell peppers”, with quotation marks. Both have “648 notes found”. The results all seem to have, somewhere in the note, “green” and “bell” and “peppers”, but not necessarily together. For what it’s worth, on my iMac, I get 642 notes found for green bell peppers, no quotation marks, and 112 notes with “green bell peppers”, with quotation marks; that search seems to work properly. Although I see that search terms often still aren’t being highlighted, on either device, but that’s a different issue. (I don’t think I’ve posted screenshots here before - should I be doing something to strip out metadata in them?)
  12. I’m trying to search on my iPad with the terms in quotation marks, because I’m looking for the exact literal phrase: for example, “green bell peppers”, with the quotation marks included when I type in the search box. But Evernote is giving me plenty of results that just have “bell” or “bell peppers”, not the whole phrase. Is this expected behavior? Should I do something else if I want to search for an exact phrase? Thanks!
  13. Thanks - 'tis a pity there isn't just a way to see the formatting codes in the note itself, but oh well. What I tried just now was make a new note, type "my own" text at the top, and then copy the original note over below the normally formatted text. Unfortuately that messes up bits and pieces of the metadata, but as best I can tell it's the easiest way to not have bizarre spacing at the top of the note. (My typical workflow is to clip a note, and then when I get around to reading/using it, add my own comments at the top of the note.) Weird that. Changing font or font size is easy enough - but Evernote can really mess things up with line spacing and margins, and if the beginning of the note is in that imported format, it seems impossible to add text "before" that format kicks in. This seems to vary by version as well; I'm fairly sure notes that once displayed normally on my iOS devices now display in a narrow column, with giant margins that don't appear on my iMac, and are apparently unremovable on iOS. Or those notes with pictures that render fine on one device, but the picture covers half the text on another device. "Simplify formatting" usually just seems to change the basic font effects - bold, colour, and so on - without doing anything to the line spacing or paragraph formatting. And "Make Plain Text" is massive overkill for what I want.
  14. Many of my notes have paragraphs that are oddly spaced - I'm not sure if they're 1.5 or double spaced, or if the lines are always 20 point (or whatever), even if the text font is changed to 12. Anyway, how can I change those paragraphs to "normal", so they're not oddly spaced? Is there a way to do this? It seems like Simplify Formatting should do this, but it doesn't. It'll change the font and font size, but it doesn't change the line spacing. This typically happens with notes that I've clipped into Evernote. Often I'll want to add my own comments at the top of the note, but I'm stuck with weird formatting at that point in the file. (Of course, this question falls into the large category of "Please give us better text formatting options" questions, but I'm hoping this specific point can be addressed.) Thanks!
  15. OK, I guess that’s a “No, it shouldn’t take up that much memory” then. Thanks all! I’ve deleted and restored the app to both devices - the restoration seemed MUCH faster than last time I did this, so that’s nice. Now on the iPhone, Documents & Data is taking up 302 MB (down about 1.5GB), and on the iPad, it’s 770MB (down about 7GB). On the iPhone, I’ve got note preview set for title only, whereas on the iPad I’ve got it set to show images as well. That may explain the difference in memory/storage use. And, curiously, the iPhone just uploaded a note much faster than it’s typically done over the past few weeks, so that’s nice. Now I’m curious if the storage is going to creep up over the next little while.
  16. My Evernote iOS apps are consuming what seems an undue amount of storage: almost 2GB on my iPhone, and over 7GB on my iPad. I don’t have any offline notebooks. I suppose I’ve got a pretty big note collection - around 23,000, taking up around 30GB on my desktop computer - but is Evernote really supposed to consume this much memory on my “non-offline sync” devices? If not, how should I free up space? I suppose the obvious approach is to erase the app and reinstall it, but are there other options? For what it’s worth, syncing from my iPhone to the cloud seems really slow (or prone to hanging?) but I have no idea if that’s connected - I generally just ascribe that to having an iPhone SE and therefore being a little behind the times. Thanks!
  17. Just happened to me with a note on my iPad yesterday. I fixed it easily enough by recovering an earlier version of the note from history, but it's annoying. Plus my bigger fear is how many other notes are affected, and I just don't notice. This is at least the second time it's happened to me. App version and iOS version all up to date as of late July 2017.
  18. OK, thanks. So I assume that at the moment there's nothing I can do about it, and there's nothing I can do differently, apart I guess from cropping images before importing (which would sort of defeat the purpose of the camera/scanner in the Evernote app).
  19. I often use Evernote and the camera on my iPhone to scan images and documents, and then in Evernote on my iMac I'll crop the document so I see just what I want. But when I do that the attachment seems to roughly double in size. So ... a smaller image, and a bigger file size. Why? And can I avoid that? It's not a huge problem, but a lot of my notes wind up taking double the memory they otherwise would, which surely doesn't help performance.
  20. I tried the steps above a couple of weeks ago. Things don't seem to have improved. Sometimes it'll be OK for a few moments, but then a sync will start (with no relationship to the "sync every 15 minutes" I've set it to), and everything will beachball for a while. Maybe 30 seconds later, maybe five minutes later, it'll be usable again. The beachballing doesn't seem to be connected to memory or CPU pressure. Neither will be particularly high for Evernote, but in the Activity Monitor Evernote will be highlighted in red with "not responding".
  21. I'm another one with similar issues: sometimes Evernote will simply beachball, and I won't be able to use it for five minutes or longer. CPU and memory increase like mad. Details: if I'm making new notes, Evernote seems to be trying to sync one or two minutes, even though it's set to sync every 15 minutes. The sync is often when it hangs. I've got about 23,000 notes on a 2009 iMac with whatever the latest iOS is, so yes, I'm probably pushing the limits of my machine. The hanging seems to become worse when Time Machine is running (which is a whole other issue I've got, with a 2GB Time Machine backup sometimes taking 2 minutes and sometimes taking 90 minutes, and with Time Machine often taking over an hour to do a backup and then starting its hourly backup right after, well, that's not good). Often there's no "hang", but I'll open a note and there's simply nothing there. It'll be blank for 10-20 seconds. I'll toggle back and forth between a couple of "blank" notes until one of them appears, and then they'll all appear. Not sure if that's the same issue or not. For me this has been a longstanding problem that I've largely attributed to too many notes and too old a machine; Evernote is much more useable for me on my iPad. But it'd sure be nice if things were to speed up.
  22. D'oh ... I didn't even realize the search pane was predictive (iOS on iPad). I kept typing "Tag:" and then was annoyed that Evernote couldn't give me a list of tags. But if I just start typing, no "Tag", then it'll give me a list of possibilities, under Notes / Notebooks / Tags. OK, that makes me happier.
  23. The tag management is now a bit of a pain in iOS8 (although so far I like many of the other changes). Is there a way to add a shortcut to the tag window? I probably try to view everything with a specific tag more often than I view everything in a specific notebook.
  24. Thanks, but unfortunately that approach isn't working for me. That search is only showing notes that currently have attachments - not the notes that used to have attachments, but have lost them. I've filed a support ticket. I've gone though some notes, and man, it's a hassle. I see if there's even a previous version and history (and sometimes there isn't, which I find a little suspicious - I thought some of those attachment-less notes had attachments). Import from history. It's in a new notebook. See if the imported note is any different from the current note. If so, move that back into the correct notebook. Clean up the incorrect note. Do we have a definite time for when these problems started? I've got exact backups from about four weeks ago, and another from about six weeks ago, and time machine going back who knows who long. I'm still thinking of exporting all notes I've updated in the past month, "resetting" Evernote back a month, and then importing all the newer notes. But lord knows what that would do to syncing. Note that I don't know when my notes lost their attachments - maybe a week ago, maybe a year ago. It was just by chance that I noticed this was a problem a few weeks ago, but who knows how long it had been an issue.
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