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  1. I find it useful from time to time to see the Search Results from Evernote surfaced when I do a google search on the Google Page, BUT what if I had clipped a web page and when I visited that page again the webclipper would have a number badge or something indicating that I have notes in my DB related to the page I am viewing and provide links to them, much like the Google Search does.
  2. I do have a bug on my Android Evernote on my Chromebook. When I click on a Saved Search, it filters the list as it should. When I click on any one of those notes, the context is lost and the filtered list is now All Notes. I had this issue on the Beta as well.
  3. I added a new Saved Search to my shortcuts menu on my Desktop version of Evernote. When I opened up the Android client and sync, the expected Save Searches show up but in addition too those are entries for "SavedSearch". If I delete one the SavedSearch entries it takes one of the legitimate saved search entries with it, like they are related. The SavedSearch, when I click it, does a search but not on any of the criteria of the saved searches.
  4. One thing I would like to see: The ~ when used starts the clipper like it does now and then the panel slides closed. I would like, If I hit it again, to have it slide the panel back open, like a toggle to display it. I personally do not like having to grab the mouse and click the little tab to reopen the panel for tools, etc.
  5. FYI...You could put a shortcut to an Evernote import folder on your desktop and just drag them there. One less step.
  6. I am having the same problem on (261696). Clearing reminders should remove it from the Reminders list. At this time It does not.
  7. Click on settings tab at right corner of reminders bar. You can then uncheck "show recently completed reminders". Thanks, I did that and its still persistent. That said, I didn't mark it is done, I "Cleared" the reminder so the desired effect should be that it just goes away.
  8. I am having an issue with the latest version of V5. ( where I create a reminder, clear it, and it still shows in the Reminders list. I cannot get rid if it at all. Anyone else experience this?
  9. I would like to throw on the list of *wishes* a shortcut to jump to the related notes. I would also like some color to the interface much like the Mac version has.
  10. Mods, feel free to delete this thread. I see that it is in the wrong group anyways.
  11. Actually, I think I solved my problem. Looks like using my SwiftKey keyboard was the problem. The Google Standard works as expected as well as the Samsung Keyboard.
  12. If I create a task check box and type something and press return to go to the next line, another checkbox does not appear. Nor can I hit the checkbox on the icon to create a new one...it turns off the previous one. This happens on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S4 after the update today.
  13. I just had this pop up. I have a tag in my shortcuts bar and when I click it it adds a tag filter with my tag twice, so I get no results. If I remove one of the tags in the filter box, the notes show as expected. If I click on the shortcut again, it adds two of the same again. It only does it on the "1-Next" tag. the others work properly.
  14. I would like to request a Keyboard shortcut that will jump to the "Related Notes" rather than having to grab my mouse and scroll down.
  15. Is the the appropriate place to provide feedback on the beta? I'll just go for it....I like the interface look, it seems to resemble the Mac Evernote layout...however I think it is a little too flat in design. I think it could use a little color to break up the sections. It is a lot of grey. Personally, I like the green and earthy tones that Evernote uses. I would like to see that sprinkled around the app.
  16. I'm confused. Is Skitch for windows not coming to Win 7 and maybe XP? Only Win 8?
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