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  1. This doesn't happen "occasionally" to folks who work almost exclusively with notes created or opened "In a New Window." And as there wasn't any reason to remove the "Note->Delete" command or the "Move to Trash" command, having to perform this 3-step process, or having to "create a tag" then "clean up at the end of a session," or having to come up with some other workaround is aggravating. When will EN Developers learn the basic rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!
  2. It's now a 3 step process to delete a note: Click on "Delete" Click on "Erase Note" In the pop-up window that EN assaults you with, click on "Delete Note"
  3. Does this Edit>Delete command do anything different than pressing the "Del" key on a keyboard?
  4. While editing a note opened in a new window, I'm having trouble finding a command called "Move Note to Trash". Which menu is it in?
  5. How do I delete a note opened or created "In a New Window" instead of saving it? (Attached is an image of what I'm talking about.) Before updating EN to version, I just clicked on a command under the "Note" menu called "delete". But this new version of EN is missing this "Note->Delete" command. Does EN now force me to save every single note opened in it's own window?
  6. In an AutoHotKey script, what would you write so that the script runs one of those EN functions you find by right-clicking in the Windows system tray on the icon for Evernote? (See attachment) These functions include "Quit Evernote", "Configure Hot Keys" (in the submenu "Options"), "Open Evernote", "Find in Evernote", etc.
  7. Check out "Table Formatting Messed Up in Latest Update". Releasing an auto-update that screws up basic/core functionality like this is pretty unacceptable. If EN's quality control has gotten this bad, maybe it's time to start thinking about OneNote?
  8. Please, please, please do something about this issue. I'm not picky about the solution as long as I stop seeing "Note to self" as the title of so many notes.
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