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  1. Thanks very much Xena, that's exactly the notification I'm talking about. I'll try to catch it next time it comes up to show to Evernote support. Hopefully they'll have a more reasonable solution.
  2. Every so often, about once a week, Evernote will pop a notification like: "It's been 3 days ...since you reviewed your notes. Check in on them to make sure you're remembering everything" I have every notification in Evernote I can find disabled and this still comes up. How can I disable this notification? Google Pixel 3XL running Android version 10 Evernote 8.13.3
  3. Thank you for that, SebR - that is some bad UX, I must say. I never in a million years would have thought to look there. This really ought to be an app-level setting, not in some evanescent, transient popup.
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