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  1. Just an update to mention that the method for reverting to previous versions of EN iOS does not work with the most recent version of iTunes (12.7). The new version does not allow maintenance of apps from within iTunes (necessary for reverting), but only through an iOS device. If you inadvertently have updated iTunes and still want to be able to maintain your iOS apps from iTunes, you can use this method to revert iTunes to v 12.6.2.
  2. So, I deleted EN iOS 8.2.2 and reverted to 7.1.6 (using this method). I was hoping to pull a later version of v7 from the App Store, but 7.1.6 was the only version of v7 I could find. So far, everything is stable. (And I like the v7 interface better.) I'll report back if I run into more issues, but for now… QUESTION FOR DEVS: What changed with v8 that might wreak havoc with legacy Mac desktop version 5.5.2? Can it be addressed in an update for those of us who need to run legacy Mac OS? Thank you. [ASIDE: I could mention that this is a good method for reverting to previous versions of EN iOS.]
  3. I have learned from EN support chat that even after an uninstall, iOS keeps the most recent badge count in the system. All other account data is removed.
  4. I have uninstalled EN from the iPhone. The badge number appears upon reinstall even before launching or logging in. Where is it getting the badge number data, if all of the EN data was removed with the uninstall? Is there some vestige data from the account left on the device?
  5. I may try this, as it looks like it works similarly to the EN2IQ feature of IQTELL (which is being shut down at the end of July). Thank you.
  6. I will miss the EN2IQ function, which was my main way of getting data into IQTELL and EN at the same time. Using EN, you add some text and an IQTELL-specific tag. For example, to create a record of a Meeting: "EN Subject" (becomes the Meeting Title) Convo Type: Meeting Check boxes become tasks in IQTELL. Then changes to the Evernote can be made in the IQTELL interface or in EN itself and are synced. The cool thing about this, is that those checkboxes remain in the note, and are completed as tasks within IQTELL. So as IQTELL meets its demise, I still have a record of all my tasks in EN without having to export from IQTELL. I also used a system where for each item in IQTELL (projects, tasks, etc.) I created a note in EN. So, IQTELL was just being used as a structure and interface for me. All the data is in EN already. Now, I just need to find a replacement. Looking at Feng Office, going back to Remember the Milk, or finding a way to use EN reminders and be done with it.
  7. Okay, more testing using Mac OS 10.6.8 and OS 10.8.5 and EN 5.5.2. It appears to be related to moving notes between notebooks: * move note using Mac app, sync, both desktops are fine * open iOS app, sync, then upon syncing mac app, both desktops go into reindex loop (Reindexing occurs for every sync following upon which there are any changes, even not involving note moves.) * delete iOs app, reindexing of Mac apps stops * move note using Mac app, sync, both desktops are fine * reinstall iOS app, sync, all is fine * move note using Mac app, sync, both desktops are fine * sync iOS app, sync Mac apps, both desktops go into reindex loop Conclusion. If I move notes, I have to first delete the iOS app, then reinstall after sync Mac apps. Request for Devs. Please consider this issue when updating iOS. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for that observation. I should have mentioned that deleting and reinstalling the iOS app somehow solves the reindexing loop on the Mac. This is repeatable. So, perhaps something is being written to the server from iOS that trips up the legacy Mac desktop app. Support has nothing to offer because EN apps older than running on 10.9.5 are not supported, and 5.5.2 is the newest EN app that can run on 10.8.5.
  9. I'm running EN 5.5.2 on two legacy Mac systems (OS 10.6.8, OS 10.8.5). I have no problem syncing between these systems, and did not have any issues with the iOS app—until the release of the new interface (v8). Now, every few days, after opening and syncing iOS (no changes to notes), the Mac apps have to reindex notes and type ahead indexing. This is a very time-consuming process. I've tried deleting and reindexing the Mac apps. No joy. I'm not looking for development of the Mac apps—but hoping that an update to iOS app could be tweaked to not wreak havoc with the legacy Mac desktop app indexing. Any thoughts?
  10. Actually if you use the EN2IQ workflow for creating Actions, Projects, Phone Calls, etc. all of your data goes in through Evernote, and the organizational and infrastructure components exist redundantly in IQTell. So I can create a note in Evernote and tag it appropriately so that IQTell will recognize it as an Action and store the data in Evernote, or with a different tag IQTell will recognize it as a new Project and add any checkboxes as Actions of the Project... again with all the data remaining redundantly stored in Evernote. It's pretty brilliant actually. http://kb.iqtell.com/evernote/en2iq
  11. Sorry for not being able to reply in a timely manner to your question. I just discovered http://cloze.com and find it to be a very cool concept for analyzing and presenting things to the user without any direct user input. I also like the way it handles and integrates Evernote.
  12. UPDATE – RESOLVED: I believe the issue in my case was that I had navigated out of the note before going for Undo. However, I WAS able to recover the photo by going into the Note history and finding the previous version of the note and importing it.
  13. Flaky to say the least, JMichael. I was just using the desktop Mac app and right clicked on a photo in an Evernote that had just synced in, so it didn't respond immediately. Inadvertently the photo got selected and the contextual menu settled on Paste. So, the text of my clipboard was pasted into the note replacing the photo. I immediately went to the Edit menu but all actions were grayed out. So, no Undo. Photo lost in an instant!
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