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  1. The duplicate problem most likely is related types of content in the note because if images etc the server has to process more and may not play well with iOS client code. Is there any pattern for duplicates related to complexity of the note?
  2. Have you tried uninstalling the app? After I did that (and it rebuilt indexes?) I am not having these problems.
  3. @Safie111 Have you un-installed App yet to re-install? If not, give that a try as some indexes may be gummed up.
  4. The MacOS apps work fine sync'ing. The iOS and iPadOS do not sync well. So it must be the app code.
  5. I could log into the Web Interface but not access my notes, only see the titles on the left side. The server was also very slow. I never use the web version anymore since there are apps on all platforms now. My GTD note repeated the same data about 9 times making a HUUUUGE note.
  6. Just encountered this problem today after updating iPhone and iPad to 10.0.2. Total mess. My Macs work fine. Re-installng app made no difference.
  7. Just updated to 10.0.2 on my iOS and iPadOS which resulted in both being screwed up and the web interface froze. Evernote what is going on!!!
  8. Restarting the app ridded that message for now.
  9. Hi, as a Plus account holder I now see constantly a "40% Off Premium Access Notes Offline on all your devices" note entry title at the top. How do I remove this message without upgrading? Thanks
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