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  1. I swiped up to end app. Started EN...no change. Swiped down to start sync...no change. Hard Restarted iPhone...lost 2 notes and 1 edit. I have never had to dig down into settings to SYNC. So no.
  2. I signed out of account on iOS app and then back in. I lost the 2 new notes and the updates to existing note were lost. This has never happened to me before. What could be the cause?
  3. I have (3) notes I worked on, 2 new and one existing, on my iPhone. There is circular arrow to right of them in NOTES LIST. I cannot get them to sync. Any ideas? I am on latest MacOS App 10.16.7
  4. Long time user of Evernote. V10 at start was problematic but now works well for me. Sometimes change is good but painful. The competitors have their own issues. Either rethink how you use Evernote or switch now. This thread has stopped being useful.
  5. This is still a problem for me on all my Macs (3) on 10.10.5 after Sleep. I have done all the troubleshooting steps. Must be a server issue. Why not fixed yet?
  6. Report back if this works. It’s a full re-install. I tried it weeks ago and no fix.
  7. Running MacOS Big Sur 11.1. When I come back to EN after awhile or on another Mac computer, I can see the note headers but when I select one it doesn't show the body. If I start a new note, I get a blank note with no way to edit. So I I have to restart the app to fix this. This has happened many times and EN gives no clues as to what is happening.
  8. I have installed the latest Evernote on all my Apple devices. I never did complex processing with Evernote so its OK for me but note loads are slower.
  9. So MacOS EN V10 is like using the Web GUI Interface? Same limited feature set? I am still using EN V7 on MacOS.
  10. The duplicate problem most likely is related types of content in the note because if images etc the server has to process more and may not play well with iOS client code. Is there any pattern for duplicates related to complexity of the note?
  11. Have you tried uninstalling the app? After I did that (and it rebuilt indexes?) I am not having these problems.
  12. @Safie111 Have you un-installed App yet to re-install? If not, give that a try as some indexes may be gummed up.
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