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  1. Check https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-Evernote-system-limits If you can't add a small new note, possibly you have 100,000 notes. By selecting notes, I can see at the top of the Note panel that my 3,000+ notes is well below the maximum.
  2. Glad nobody closed comments. This is tagged for Chrome so there are two extensions "Copy URLs to Clipboard" and my preference is "TabCopy" This extension that best matches your request is TabCopy choosing "Compact" before selecting "selected tabs" or "all Tabs". You don't get blank lines between but you can select the block and make it a bullet list. How to grab and send only the URL + title of a webpage to an old Evernote note - Productivity - Evernote User Forum: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105674-how-to-grab-and-send-only-the-url-title-of-a-webpage-to-an-old-evernote-note/ Options | CopyAllURLs: chrome-extension://djdmadneanknadilpjiknlnanaolmbfk/options.html TabCopy Options: chrome-extension://micdllihgoppmejpecmkilggmaagfdmb/options.html The format I prefer is Rich Text format by first choosing the "Link" option in TabCopy. This time after pasting the block, I selected the block and clicked on bullet list in text formatting of this note which you can also do in Evernote. How to grab and send only the URL + title of a webpage to an old Evernote note - Productivity - Evernote User Forum Options | CopyAllURLs TabCopy Options
  3. Disabled 'Web Clipper" addon in Firefox, popup tells me nothing i don't know or wouldn't expect. Appearing on every PDF opened within Firefox more than once is too much. Not being able to dismiss it with the [x] is beyond reason. I love Evernote but since being reduced to two devices and restricted from using Evernote on android browsers means I no longer recommend it to any of my friends or computer club members.
  4. You might consider creating an Outline ahead of time then using that outline for titles beginning with those indexes (03._a) leave some space in between for insertions. Just a thought, I'm not that organized. Someone posted a nice article of what they did but I could not find it. Most people I think just start writing in Word or similar by Chapters, at least the formatting will be consistent.
  5. Do you have a master list of these keywords? I like having the taglist to chose from. I said I avoid using tags. If I did they would be like "Firefox", "Evernote", "Photography" so would be rather useless if everything would be mostly those. I make sure important words are added to title or text if they are not there an don't rely on or use tags. For the part you quoted here is an example Actual title of an article was "Video Lessons: Build your Site with Joomla 3" which I keep in my note with the link, but my title in Evernote becomes: "Joomla, Video Lessons: Build Site" with the most important word first and remainder shortened to fit in Snippet view for list of articles because the title line does not wrap. The text of note is to the article and reads: Video Lessons: Build your Site with Joomla 3 :: Check out the Brian Teeman's Joomla video course on How to Build a Site. After you watch this video course you'll be able to create a fully-functional Joomla 3 website.https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/joomla-video/build-joomla3-site/ followed by the outline of the videos (had to use No Style in Firefox or a bookmarklet to be able to extract). The only use of tags I used was to select articles for presentations with structured tags like en-pr-2014, en-pr-2015 (didn't get that far), en-pr-clip, en-pr-link all could be found in search with tag:en-pr-* (and they aren't within the articles) There was a problem perhaps they did not work in web view at time -- they do work now, for sure. You can get a list of the tags you use under View > Tags View (toggle).
  6. I can certainly understand a disdain for tags, I've seen Firefox destroyed because of tags and a misunderstanding on the part of Firefox developers that keywords were the same as tags. If I used tags almost all my notes would have useless tags. I make sure that important words are in the Title or at least in the text. I might also point out that in web pages if you have keywords (tags in Evernote context) that are not in the content the Google search extracts a penalty, so if you were to extend the same principle to Evernote -- it should be in the content and would be found anyway. I can't imagine it working faster if I used tags instead of actual words in content. I also rearrange words in the title so most important word is first, so an alphabetical sort of titles works well when sorted as such. Though I normally use the default -- updated in descending order. A rule of thumb can be to take the original title, place the most important word first followed by remaining words, comma, then the beginning words (the comma indicates a break in arrangement). Anybody familiar with KWIC indexes would recognize the pattern. Actually I see KWOC, which I never heard the term before is more what I am referring to. I never heard of KWOC before but I guess it is closer to what I mean -- KWIC / KWAC / KWOC. Also see Key Word in Context - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia With embedding folders within folders in Evernote there would be three problems. 1) You have a specification limit of 250 folders total. When I discovered that and that I only had 100 more to go, I virtually stopped making new folders unless they were going to be public. 2) You can only use a folder name once so you cannot use as a folder name within two stacks, nor would you be able to if you could within two different folders. 3) If you make a folder public you specify that folder name in the url, for instance http://www.evernote.com/pub/dmcritchie/foldername1 (l have no such folder) But that means to me that it would be difficult to have a structure of folders within folders. Of course Evernote uses the term notebook instead of folder. Interesting point raised that folders may in fact be a tag in database. For a search of a folder you must place the folder at the beginning of the search and you can't for instance restrict to two or more folders, you have a choice search one folder or all folders. notebook:folder1 Evernote feature request
  7. Now that we have lost the ability that was pushed for years to be able to use Evernote on all of our devices and from other computers anywhere, it is especially troublesome now that Evernote no longer remembers our userid and passwords if the devices are reduced to two. This is a big problem on Android and I imagine other small devices without keyboards. It takes me upward from a dozen tries to try to enter my password even when I know exactly what it is, I cannot see what I typed. Even trying very carefully that each letter is entered correctly, I may end up with more characters than my actual password has, but more frequently, I expect, "a" and "e" get the wrong character. If it is too difficult or you think it spoils to look and feel to put in a "show password" in the dialog, please make it show what is entered after two failures. David McRitchie
  8. > 08.23.2015 — 06:03:20 PM -0700 how to make date so no problem in "U.S." or other date formats. If you make the date portion 2015-08-23 in the ISO format there can be no confusion, specifically starting with a four digit year and hyphens to separate the month and day of month (not periods or slashes). I am on windows and my dates for example would appear as 2015-08-23 06:03 PM as set in my "Region" system formats. In Excel, for instance, you have the actual time stamp, and can later display it however you want in the application, or specific cell. In Evernote if you use Ctrl+; (semi-colon) you get a date stamp that if someone else viewed your Evernote file, I expect they would see the date in their own choice of system format. I noticed that when I finally corrected the system format on my current machine that those that I had entered with the Evernote shortcut changed format automatically. Evernote for Mac: Date Stamp (Shift+Command+D, ⌘ ⇧ D) or Time Stamp (Alt+Shift+Command+D, ⌘ ⇧ ⌥ D) Evernote for Windows: Date and Time Stamp (Ctrl+; )If you had a column of time stamps you would probably really want to use 24 hour format instead of AM/PM, but for normal readability I'd stick with AM/PM in text contexts. Your macro is creating a text string, and I think for Evernote notes other than in a table your use of AM/PM and and the UT hour offset as a text string, works very well, in text formats, if you were to for instance move to another time zone. You would know the time when you wrote that in the local time when you were there. And with the offset you'd know where you were in local time, and so would others. As for searching time stamps within your notes, you wouldn't be able to that no matter what you used in Evernote, and of course that applies to your imported notes with the wrong timestamp (the time imported). Evernote only handles created and updated in date and timestamp ranges. To get a date range the syntax is a bit weird since it is two search arguments a positive and a negative (not created since 20150314) created:20150101 -created:20150314 Good luck with your other posting about importation changing dates, I'd include "Request for Enhancement" in title and hope that someone in Evernote sees it before someone tells you the obvious, you can't do that in Evernote, or that is not the way Evernote works (which is why you asked for an enhancement, arrrrg). Maybe there is a better way to handle those requests.
  9. How to use Word offline to sort a list in Evernote: Since I do have MS Word, I will use Word for sorting unordered & ordered lists: Directions for sorting in Word from How to Sort Lists in Word or Excel, A free web site designed to put words in alphabetical order. Sort video, movie, and television titles, alphabetize by last name, capitalize words, ignore articles, number lists, and much more! Select the text in a bulleted or numbered list. (can contain embedded hyperlinks) On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Sort. In the Sort Text dialog box, under Sort by, click Paragraphs and Text, and then click either Ascending or Descending. Afterwards: Paste sorted list or portion back into Evernote Picture (83KB) of selection just before sorting, using Word 2007 in Windows, data from example in (Archived) Feature Request - Sorting lists (bulleted, ordered, checkbox) by text - Evernote General Discussions - Evernote User Forum Just want to point out that this is a workaround that can handle items that include and retain hyperlinks in any position, and should be in Evernote. For workarounds simply working with plain text, I would use one of the "online forms" available in any web browser, links are in initial posting, and both allow you to specify a separator such as a line break.
  10. Rather than posting my comment in this huge thread, I've started a new discussion that includes what I've seen here as wanted plus some solutions found in this discussion in this same group, plus my own comments and workarounds. Sorting lists within an Evernote Note (revisited) - Evernote General Discussions - Evernote User Forum
  11. A lot of user time is wasted on not having solutions, and going around in circles, so rather than try to place some answers on my own archived note (not allowed), or into an eight page discussion note, here are what is being asked for in sorting within a note, along with some time consuming workaround solutions in the meantime. Evernote is supposed to help you organize your notes, but it is not helping you to organize the content within a note, which is critical to organization. You have tables, unordered lists, ordered lists, check lists, even word lists separated by commas or spaces, and you should be able to organize them alphabetically without having to do it without help from the application. One word of warning though, one person wanted to be able to sort automatically, and that would be a bad idea, as you won't be able to see what you are doing or continue entering without interruption, or seeing what you've added or are working on. I provided a clear example of a list that contained hyperlinks. This is something that should be available and done within Evernote, forcing users to do this manually or externally is a big waste of users time. Feature Request - Sorting lists (bulleted, ordered, checkbox) by text [dmcritchie, 2011-11-29] However since Evernote will not do this for us, here are some ways of handling this yourself. Some are very convoluted and nothing really is going to handle data with links well unless done within the application. ★ Using MS Word seems like it would handle rows with included hyperlinks [oef 2014-10-08] Try Trello - more advanced list handling than EN, including internal alphabetical list sorting. [totochto 2014-10-19], and Ticktick [gazumped 2015-01-13] want to be able to sort a todo list with check boxes, as unchecked and check, and/or alphabetically [poppy ... 2015-01-13] Example in Excel of a table with multiple columns w/o hyperlinks [shanezam203 2015-03-10] use the Excel document with Evernote [Frank.dg 2015-06-13] Some online forms that allow you to paste text then sort using any browser ★ Alphabetize Text Words (online), ★ Alphabetize a text or word list Some Firefox extensions that allow you to sort tabs and sort HTML tables before pasting into Evernote, and to collect links for selected tabs Sort Tabs :: Add-ons for Firefox, TableTools2 - Copy/Sort/Chart/Filter Table&More! :: Add-ons for Firefox, Multiple Tab Handler :: Add-ons for Firefox Having the HTML code generated from Multiple Tab Handler, you can generate the HTML and then using Real-time HTML Editor generate the rich text format to paste directly into Evernote. A bookmarklet that would work in any browser (example you can test) Keep in mind that you can view and update Evernote in a browser. Understanding what can be done elsewhere is most likely to lead to a clear definition of what is needed. When I actually did the example in the request for enhancement I used a bookmarklet [href:] to carry the link after the wording, and then had to add insert the link back in afterwards (Ctrl+K in Windows). Basically each line orrow needs a text key and a rich text component to be placed after sorting. Think of how much time would be wasted trying to do this for 200 items, or multiple lists. And I think this is something that would be acceptable just from desktop or laptop but not from small devices without keyboards, just like keyboard shortcuts, context menus, and horizontal lines that are not available on small devices, but can be seen and modified from any device. My other enhancement request, may not look related, but I can generate data that I need in HTML format using "Multiple Tab Handler" (Firefox extension) from Browser Meta tags for a selection of tabs, and if I could paste it directly into Evernote I could create some lists quickly in one step. And in the case of tabs I can even sort them beforehand with another Firefox extension, but it would be nice to not have to rely on workarouds. Feature Request - Paste from HTML and/or Wiki source, actually got positive feedback from gbarry, but nothing appears to have happened. Feel free to add additional workarounds or other things, if any, within a note that need sorting. David McRitchie
  12. Hi ktulu3388, There was an announcement somewhere, been searching for it, but I'm on Andoid with the Free version. You may have had to have turned it on and may have changed the setting. Under Settings > General Settings > Search and Storage > turn on "Offline Search". I was using it last night when internet was down from at least 3:30AM and did not discover my internet up again until 9AM, when the Android started receiving messages with corresponding beeping. Everything I had on Evernote was available on my Android. I remember when I discovered it, that it was aggressively pulling in notes, but after several days there were still a few that had not been pulled in. I expect they were all there today (until I cleared cache, see below). But don't know where I saw when they were being pulled in or which ones had not been pulled in -- maybe just manually checking to older notes to see if they were available or got a need to be online indication. There's an option to "Clear Cache" in the Evernote settings, don't touch it, it acts directly and is not pointing to another options page. Clearing cache there seems to have destroyed copies so feature is tied to cache. Couldn't find announcement but did find one of my own notes in Evernote: Evernote: Offline usage was added 2013-05-11 after software update, you will need to hunt up your password, after which it can be saved like always. Just discovered off-line usage was all there on Android, didn't realize it was part of the update. So almost all of my notes are available off-line anytime on my Android. Don't know how it determines that a couple of older notes would not be available and they may be available now for all I know. Most of my notes can be viewed offline but don't have much of an idea of whether any specific note would be seen offline or not. Usage reminder: speech input is not available offline. Would like speech to not terminate until I tell it to.
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