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  1. Hi Gazumped A lot of slowdown on Windows 10 on my laptop. I have Android on my phone, but that works fine. Thanks
  2. Sorry guys.... think I've discovered what the problem is . Evernote was also open on my phone, so I assume there is some form of lock mechanism to save multi-editing between devices. BTW, On a separate note I am experiencing a lot of sluggishness in editing notes this last week or so. (similar to how it used to be last year)
  3. Hi I was working away in Evernote this morning and all of a sudden every note has become 'read only'. I do not know how this happened or how to undo it. I have 15,000 notes in notebooks that aren't shared. On version . Checked for updates but tells me none available. I m totally screwed right no, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Not a screen shot, it's the Copy Selection that I have a problem with. Here are my shortcuts.. I make a selection (highlight a paragraph in Chrome, for example),, press the shortcut to send to Evernote, then the error message pops up.
  5. Restarting the computer doesn't work. I've had this issue for a week or so now, and it is powered off every night.
  6. Thanks Could you point me to something that shows how to do a 'system power cycle' please
  7. Hi Gazumped Thanks for your reply. I do use the Chrome clipper for clipping full articles, and I could use this to also clip selections... but it is just so much quicker using the Alt + X keyboard shortcut to clip a paragraph or two to Evernote in just one keystroke. The settings I refer too are in Evernote - under Tools -> Options -> Shortcut keys. I have no idea why this no longer works.
  8. Hi I have been Alt + X for clipboard capture (in Chrome) for a long, long time, but suddenly it has stopped working, with the "Clipboard capture failed" message attached. I tried going into options and setting a different key combination but produce the same error dialogue too. Thank you in advance Nick
  9. AHA... think I've sorted it! If I was previously using a saved search, and type intitle:somePhrase in the search bar, even though the search information shows the correct search format, the search doesn't work. However, if I click the X on the previous search to clear it, then type new (intitle:) search, everything works fine!!
  10. I have 15k notes, and have started to use search more often now to find specific notes that I want to retrieve from the distant past. However when I use the search term intitle:someWord or intitle:"some string of words" in the search bar Evernote draws a blank, which is plainly wrong as I then spend some time manually finding those notes. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug in Evernote search? Thanks in advance
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