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  1. Hi Gazumped A lot of slowdown on Windows 10 on my laptop. I have Android on my phone, but that works fine. Thanks
  2. Sorry guys.... think I've discovered what the problem is . Evernote was also open on my phone, so I assume there is some form of lock mechanism to save multi-editing between devices. BTW, On a separate note I am experiencing a lot of sluggishness in editing notes this last week or so. (similar to how it used to be last year)
  3. Hi I was working away in Evernote this morning and all of a sudden every note has become 'read only'. I do not know how this happened or how to undo it. I have 15,000 notes in notebooks that aren't shared. On version . Checked for updates but tells me none available. I m totally screwed right no, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Not a screen shot, it's the Copy Selection that I have a problem with. Here are my shortcuts.. I make a selection (highlight a paragraph in Chrome, for example),, press the shortcut to send to Evernote, then the error message pops up.
  5. Hi csihiiling. Just tried that but same issue.
  6. Restarting the computer doesn't work. I've had this issue for a week or so now, and it is powered off every night.
  7. Thanks Could you point me to something that shows how to do a 'system power cycle' please
  8. Hi Gazumped Thanks for your reply. I do use the Chrome clipper for clipping full articles, and I could use this to also clip selections... but it is just so much quicker using the Alt + X keyboard shortcut to clip a paragraph or two to Evernote in just one keystroke. The settings I refer too are in Evernote - under Tools -> Options -> Shortcut keys. I have no idea why this no longer works.
  9. Hi I have been Alt + X for clipboard capture (in Chrome) for a long, long time, but suddenly it has stopped working, with the "Clipboard capture failed" message attached. I tried going into options and setting a different key combination but produce the same error dialogue too. Thank you in advance Nick
  10. AHA... think I've sorted it! If I was previously using a saved search, and type intitle:somePhrase in the search bar, even though the search information shows the correct search format, the search doesn't work. However, if I click the X on the previous search to clear it, then type new (intitle:) search, everything works fine!!
  11. I have 15k notes, and have started to use search more often now to find specific notes that I want to retrieve from the distant past. However when I use the search term intitle:someWord or intitle:"some string of words" in the search bar Evernote draws a blank, which is plainly wrong as I then spend some time manually finding those notes. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug in Evernote search? Thanks in advance
  12. Thank you Evernoters. Things do seem to be looking up.
  13. Thanks gazumped. Could you point me to a link that tells me how to do a 'clean install' that ensures I don't lose and data, please?
  14. Hi peeps The larger my Evernote database gets (8000 notes, 6MB) the slower it seems to get. 'Evernote not responding' regularly appears as I click and browse the notes. Following Phil Libin missive a few months ago where he announced that the near term focus would be on performance, I took the decision to bear with it and hope that things improved, but using Evernote has become a painful experience now. I would love to be offered hope here. P.S. I'm running
  15. It would be really interesting to hear from any active users, with a similar sized database, who are NOT experiencing these issues. That way, it maybe possible to determine what the difference is, which could then point to a possible solution.
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