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  1. Just to close out this topic, I : Added the Evernote executable directory to the PATH variable in Win7.Created a batch file with one line :enscript.exe importNotes /n test /s test\test.enexWrote an enex file into the test subdirectoryRan the batch fileVerified that the notes in the test.enex file had been added to Evernote.Further investigation revealed that if I want to update notes I've already imported, I have to manually delete them first. The import via enscript unexpectedly creates duplicate notes with the same names as the original notes. A little awkward. Have yet to find a way to update an existing note via enscript. A big thank-you to everyone for the suggestions. It's nice to have access to a group of interested, informed advisors. Harvey
  2. jefito, Just looked at the enml document. Excellent suggestion. Thanks. Harvey
  3. Thanks for pointing me to the developers forum. I'll pay 'em a visit. And I'll check the link on the way there. Harvey
  4. lel, Thanks for the feedback. > Go to "Tools"->"Import Folders" and add a new empty folder. Your export tool should write files into that folder and Evernote will create new notes for each file. After that merge them the way you want. It's in the Import-Folders folder I'm planning to put my enex With the enex format, I can create bold and colored text, bullet lists, etc. > After that merge them the way you want. Not very practical. I'll be importing over 500 notes each time I do it, and I'll be doing the import from time to time. If I have to do anything manually in the process, like merge or classify notes, Evernote is not the answer. > ENScript.exe command line utility. Thanks for the suggestion -- didn't know about that ... OK, I've looked. Among its other features, ENScript adds the ability to create notebooks. Doesn't seem to provide a way to send a note to other than the default notebook. Unfortorunately neither you nor ENScript directly address either of the glitches I mentioned: how to include imported photos where I want them in the imported notes, and how to include inter-note links in the imported notes. Harvey
  5. I have a database with data on hundreds of places of worships here in the Gironde (France) scattered through 500+ towns. Associated with these religious heritage sites are thousands of photos. I gave myself an iPad for Christmas, so that I could show interesting information and photos about them to interested people. To do that, I plan to move a snapshot of the data and photos to the iPad from time to time. After looking at various tools on the iPad, I realized Evernote is a good way to present the data and perhaps the photos. I'm now in the process of automating the process of extracting data from the database in the xml format (enex) used by the Evernote import function. I've hit on two minor glitches. The more I studied Evernote, the more I realized it offers features that make it more and more interesting as a presentation tool. In particular, it can include photos in the notes, and a note can point (or link) to another. Very useful features for my project. And there's the rub. I can't figure out how to create the codes required. The anchor for a link looks like this: <a href="evernote:///view/10320864/s90/41ae8500-04c5-48b5-9db2-ef54b12abff3/41ae8500-04c5-48b5-9db2-ef54b12abff3/" style="color:#69aa35"> and the anchor for a photo looks like this: <en-media hash="6d3f2c361eda9deb31531a84474a00c6" style="cursor: default;" type="image/jpeg"/> I have no idea where the long codes come from or what they point to. My interest is generating something that Evernote can accept and work with. Can anyone offer any idea of how to automatically generate the codes that are used in the xml for links and for photos? Thanks for any suggestions, Harvey
  6. Thanks for the great suggestions! Here's what I've done: went into Evernote, created some notes formatted I wanted the imported notes to appear, exported them in the enex format, found the xml format, and have started the PHP program that will create the notes, formatted appropriately. Still haven't figured how to automatically create the notebooks I want, so will make do with three and switch the default folder during the import. New question: any way to import one or more photos with each note? Harvey
  7. <chuckle> Interesting suggestion, but it's not about to happen. For a couple of reasons: 1) the database, my photos and all the tools I use to maintain, update, and integrate them are on a PC, 2) my interest is in researching and photographing places of worship around here, not in becoming a Mac guru. I'm already spending far too much time on the foutu process of moving photos and data to the iPad. But you couldn't know all that, so let me say thanks for trying to help. Harvey
  8. JMichael, Seems like that would work for a one-off transfer. Unfortunately, it doesn't lend itself to automating the process of importing the data. The data that I'm trying to move into EverNotes evolves over time, as I update the database with new information. What will be in EverNote is a snapshot that I would like to update easily from time to time. Harvey
  9. OK, I've started examining the enex file and as has been pointed out, the notebook name is not there. When I re-imported a note, it went into the default notebook. That's a nuisance. I have 542 notes to import (one for each commune) and would like to subdivide them into different notebooks. I suppose I could use tags to achieve that, but that seems awkward. Anyone have any suggestions? Harvey
  10. BNF, Your first response is right on the money, namely, play around with the import functions till I find what I want -- the pointers in the referenced post are gold! The second respone=se missed the mark, because I didn't make sufficiently clear that I'm not moving data from the Palm, but from the database on the PC (MySQL for what it's worth). Thanks for the snappy responses, Harvey (where it's still cold and damp <sign>)
  11. I have a large database on my PC with a great deal of information about places of worship in the département of the Gironde (France). I used to keep a copy of selected bits of the info in a Palm (via its Desktop app) for easy reference when I was out photographing these heritage sites. Now I've moved to an iPad. Rather than extract the data to files I could transfer to the iPad via DropBox, I'm wondering if I could import the data into Evernote. The Tools->Import Folders... function seems to have what I need, but I have little experience with it. I'd love to include formatting, tags, and photos in the imported files and have Evernote format the resulting notes correctly, including the tags and photos. Is it possible? Harvey (in rainy, chilly Bordeaux)
  12. If you ever make it to Bordeaux, France, I'll take you for a drink at the best wine bar in town! Thanks for the tip. By the way, I don't get any sort of warning message when I close down Evernote, however I do it. Harvey
  13. Today, without me doing anything other than replying to a personal email to gbarry of Evernote, synchronisation is now working on my desktop. If gbarry did something, thanks! To everyone else, thanks also. Happy synchronisation in 2012 to everyone, Harvey
  14. gbarry, I never did receive the autoresponse, nor have I yet followed Owyn's suggestion to resubmit the problem. Soon!
  15. Owyn, I've verified that the email address is correct. And I check the spam folder each time before deleting its contents. I can't guarantee that the email wasn't there, though I doubt it. In any case, I'll wait another week before leaving another msg at Evernote. Thanks and as one says around here, Bonne Fin d'Année, Harvey
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