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  1. Nope, nothing special along those lines. I just tested it again in an Incognito window and got the same error.
  2. Thanks for the reply @Rich Tener. Possible you can share information on other generic search terms that were included? Just trying to get a gauge on how much of my sensitive content may have been uncovered and fed into automation.
  3. When I go to enter my phone number to set up two-step verification I continually get the error prompt shown in the attached screenshot. Regardless of the format I use for my valid phone number (that can receive SMS messages) I am unable to continue. Please advise how I can correct. Thanks.
  4. @Rich Tener In your Security Update message you mentioned this latest event was about searching for cryptocurrency credentials. How do you know this? Is there any reason to believe they were searching for credentials beyond cryptocurrency accounts (i.e. more of a general fishing expedition)? I received your alert email (thank you, btw) and have since discovered my account was accessed multiple times on two separate days since January (screenshot attached). If it was specifically for cryptocurrency credentials then I'm relieved as I have no such information. However, I do have a lot of other sensitive content for which I'm now concerned is circulating across the internet. Note, I've since changed my Evernote password and have checked all my other accounts that could have been compromised (along with changing their passwords). Thankfully, at this point nothing else appears to have been impacted.
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